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That's where we are. And I don't know where we're going from there. Emily Mansi Pelosi has called for rescheduling state of the union either to have the president submitted in writing or to only give it after this shutdown is past is that a legit move. Or is that just pure theatrics? Or maybe both I of think both I think it's a way for Pelosi to signal that she just doesn't need Trump. And I mean, surely it plays. Well, at the democratic base to you know, basically like this him in this way. I can't imagine that we can't muster the security forces for the. Eight of the union on the other hand the government's really strained right now. And it's not as if it has to happen on that particular day, and to allow Trump to continue as if everything is normal when it's really not, you know, you can see why Pelosi would wanna call attention to the abnormality of the situation and just kind of shake up the political dynamic, John? What did you think of that move by Pelosi? I mean, it's a power response that has the patina or has the cover of being legitimate by the rules of the president's own arguments for why this shutdown is worth it. The president says there's an emergency. And if the emergency. Is such if there's such a big emergency. Then we can't afford the to to have the security for the state of the union. So she's using his own kind of argument against him. I it's either an emergency where it's not having the government shutdown. If it looks like basically, everything can kind of go along as normal than the pressure on him to cave lessons. And and I think she wisely makes the assumption that for him one of the he has not so far shown too much attention to the pressure of people not having their paychecks, the small business loans, not going out the White House this week reported that the economic impact estimate is twice as bad as they thought a quarter or a half point of growth that may be now gone because of the four weeks of shutdown that has not moved anything. But depriving the president of a of a huge platform may kinda hit him where he lives I want to just make one quiet quick point about that the president gave an Oval Office space. Each making the case in the biggest platform traditionally available for president for his policy. His numbers went backwards. The only other times that's happened or things where like Gerald Ford given Oval Office address about pardoning Nixon, and of course, that was when he announced that he'd done it and people revolted and so his numbers went backwards. But you've got to go back to Ford and accent in Vietnam have a situation where a president gives an Oval Office address gets a basically gets to hit the ball off. The tee is far as you know, possibly can. And his numbers get worse. There is this notion circulating in Trump world, Emily that this whole shutdown. Okay. Yes. There clearly political political damage that the Trump administration is bearing, but it's good because it's shrinking government. It's hurting the Democrats who work for the government. And it's not hurting the people who vote for Trump and really care about Trump. And that it's that it makes an ideological point. That will be good in the long run. Do you do? Do you think that is motivating the desire to continue to shut down? I mean, I hope not because it just doesn't seem like a good rationale. But I mean. Yeah. It's possible that that is what's going on though. Honestly, it's really hard to tell him in. This doesn't feel like it has some kind of rational endgame. If feels like a train that got started and Trump doesn't know how to get off it. And because the numbers are so good with the Republican base. He doesn't there's nothing yet. That's happened. That is going to jolt him out of his. Of the decision. He's already made. Yeah. I don't know. What it goes? What's going to do it? What's going to do it? I mean, you can imagine that a that some kind of air tragedy would do it. Yeah. Or the non inspecting food, right? Someone gets sicker. Dive. I was surprised that didn't. Yeah. I was surprised and not inspecting food hasn't had more resonance that that was the one..

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