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Everyone's mind is cooking competitions regardless of how they look but the sea had an event. This past weekend. I think Lehi Utah. And the two dudes were right. They're taking apart here to recap it from a variety of viewpoints are the hosts of the pitmasters. Podcast and first timers here to this show. I am welcoming in Oh I gotta turn your audio on. Surrogate meant totally lame. Sorry if I am talking with Anthony La- John and Rusty Monson. Did I get the last names right? Boys Luhan Lou. Hot Damn it works. Yeah well you know. I try saw fifty fifty. I'll take it not too bad I guess So before we get into the stuff This past weekend. Can you give me a quick background on your ventures into live fire and we'll start with Anthony Luhan I man It all started like most of us at my age is the barbecue pitmasters. Tv Show. We all wanted to learn how to be like those guys and jumping on the competition. Seen I kinda which is a backyard guy for awhile came across the local barbecue joint. That had a competition class. Took it a month later at the barbecue. Pit Stop. They had a backyard. Compensation jumped in once awards. Hook Line sinker man done. You know I really enjoyed this. This competition seen New to the sea enjoying it a ton and obviously there's ventures taken me onto me rusty Monson and we started a podcast together. And we're here today with you so you guys weren't like chums prior to getting in didn't live down the street or go to high school or anything like that together you met on the competition sir. Yep while we all right rusty what your year ago well I grew up with hunting families so of course the best way to cook any kind of deer elk is to smoke it so I grew up around it. I grow up grown steaks. My data my grandfather used to ground. Hawkins smoked chickens to bars and it was my favorite thing and it just stuck with me and actually pulling through mosquito Nevada when the very first episode of pitmasters which would be the very first started happening and manages planted a seed in my brain in so gosh eight years later. I'm sitting here and nothing to do. I'm thinking that I gotta get into that man. I I do this at home. I want to jump into the pit. You know the competitions and stuff and I said I and went into a whole bunch of classes and I've been doing it since and yeah and then Anthony on the road doing that stuff and he wanted as I say. We started podcast. I'm thinking about that and I think we should man next week. We're up and running so and thank you for being a huge influence on us because I was a big Fan of yours When I first got into this very first show I started listening to and I still listen to it all the time. So you're fucking thank you for that. All right I'll always take the props. No doubt about it. That's why like rusty the best for now all right so when.

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