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Yeah well i mean at least they're similar in that you were constantly running from something trying to kill very clear the film survive not let the thing kill you it's also mazing though because when you look at credits and things like that you there is a part of time where all of these really popular actors were in everything and so the fact that you were with someone like michelle williams who's fantastic and was so big because of dawson's creek and then the whole cast of the faculty because sean had us he was doing so well and i love divall and all those different people course elijah wood of john stewart be newer and all these like the older crowd of amazing people within youth wise even movie like oh which we both really like julia stiles all that so it's yeah it's wild to look back at that part where you sorta go on my god i remember that person wasn't everything there some of those actors in there and they're working more than i was but it was pretty pretty heavy a lot going on and so before i did the sort of eager movies i was kicking around doing a ton of small member i'm not trying to but we're talking about that all but do you remember having a moment on a set when you were watching a fellow actor and being impressed never terrible of course yeah there've been there've been a lot of those times in the early in the early years in the early years while i'm so geared toward what i've been working on recently that i i mean it to remember here's what i there was someone who impressed me quite a bit on the faculty that was jon stewart and it wasn't because of his performance and he would he will admit that he's not like acting it's not his i love but he was writing a book at the time and he was really he's about to release his first book so let me read some chapters from it.

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