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Lebron numb used to do all those handshakes and dancing on the sideline and he told the media. If people don't like it then do something about it. And that's how trae young is if you don't like it. Why can't today's sit here and wax poetic roles just in terms of the quote retribution right. He's not retribution. it doesn't exist by the way. Not because guys today aren't tough. It's just it's been leading the league. Said you cannot do that. So what what do you look. Leaving it for guy shimmied. What are you supposed to do. But i was saying i was saying. Don't let it get to that point. That means plumbing attention on him and locking look like jonathan new york argon teammates but he was catching some of us eighty two. He should have been mad at themselves. And yes absolutely tray quote after about the shimmy was very tower out of time he said i just had so much to right there disrespect. That's eight minutes is more disrespectful than the shimmy currently. We'll let you do something about if you can do to spin in the ball. I will call a guy off the ended up tonight. And i say something else that legislated out. It'd be a little some extra paycheck. Not i mean. I don't mean knock him out knock them. I may put him on the floor. I was point in time for the crowd. And that's a whole. We're not gonna get into this commercial. Break mister wilpon hall of famer joining us. He will be back with us through the conference finals on finals. Whether you know it or not shows lebas on them to tell them because you do it takes. Rachel you guys are on. I love it. I love is great television. Thanks for letting me get into waited. I'm sorry listen.

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