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You know john you took an eye on that but who did you book for today but what if that falls through last minute it's not going to fall through that very eager we've got a we've got a very exciting man by the name of norms self who is an eighty three year old pornstar oh yeah i mean i'd rather talked to him than a than us than a lady who had a proposal to convert it was really just a point of like martin important like what are you doing mary lou with your life that you don't want to have a fun little mama with us on the radio but maybe they've heard of my uh my propensity to make concrete jokes and they don't want to talk to me so i center multiple message i could see were red then i so then i was like really sell on at this morning all we hong kong every friday it's fun we love you to be a part of it yeah no response nothing nothing at all nothing meanwhile the porno man got back to me for the sun came home and was like i'll be there you would think her a car honking services are really sought after a la you want it so there was a cop proposal yes you think she want to share that message of love and joy and conch to the world you would think maybe she could have has he's heard your concombinate sheen won a r us you might not be than oppressed no no how the opposite in want learned she has won any of this house khan conquered here i don't know well john keep tryon your not gonna stop caulking we're not gonna stop honking the konkan neon soon uh in our in honor of that lady and every one who's hong kong before ooh we.

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