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They trade them. I mean, they thought that they were contention. This year traded Chris Archer got pieces back Ainhoa. We've been joking lately. It's like, you know, better not better not be bad or they might trade Blake Snell. Right. If this as team is not good as Chris Davis's contract starts firing. Do you think they would attempt to move? Or is he just too much part of Oakland to do that? No. I think I mean, I I think if there's any team that's shown, you know, like the race that they're not afraid to move someone when it's in their best interest. It's the as and look if the as are clearly out of contention in the second half, and they're not really playing for anything. And you've got a superstar all-star slugger on the roster making, you know, nineteen million, and you know, you can trade him and avoid having to pay the the last half of that and get some prospects. In return. You know, I I I'm certain they would obviously the as you know, hope and plan to be in contention and not be in that spot in which case, it's they're happy to ride out the contract with with Chris Davis. But if they're out of it, you know, the as are, you know, are always going to, you know, make something out of nothing. And and you know, if they're not fighting for a postseason spot, they just assumed cashing any chips, they can that. And and get some future prospects to to help fill in the blanks. I don't think there's any question about that. And and Chris Davis will likely to be the most valuable player that will be on on a one year contract for the for the team next year in. I don't see how they won't be in contention next year with as bad as the division is being the Rangers. Basically hand you seventeen games a year. The Mariners don't know what they are at this point and the angels, injuries constantly underachieve. It's just over over..

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