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On your radio for those of you just tuning in today we're focused on berge nausea ryan sate with me now bursch nigerian it's be rj in a j a r i a n berge nausea the twenty eighty twenty principle and doing patriots secret weapon that creates the space for bill belichick to work and win that was easy for me to say but today on the show we're focused on burs zarin the eighty twenty rule the new england patriots secret weapon that creates the space for bill belichick bill belichick to work and win did you know that berge is bill bell checks chief of staff you recognize the new england patriots have a chief of staff and his name is burs jargon he's the only human on the planet who has spent more time with bill belichick then tom brady the owner of the patriots and even bill bill checks family that man is his name is berge nazeri and he's on the patriots with the exclusive job of making sure he handles all of the details related to bill belichick schedule interviews decision making that really don't need bill belichick his job is to sort of block out all the distractions bill check and focus on the goal which is to win ineffectual championships to win super bowls and so bill was quoted in new york times as saying berge is really important there really isn't enough time in this press conference to talk about him but what does he do well he helps them with his schedule he helps them with media requests the ups from respond to social media he helps him decide what to do what not to schedule doesn't get filled up with things that don't matter well how does this apply to you as a business owner as a business owner i would encourage anybody out there to be very self aware of where you're spending your time because you're not careful you could spend your time doing things that do not matter at all and i would argue in fact that most clients that i've coached before helping them get to a level of maximum efficiency they're spending the majority of their time doing things that don't matter and so i'm going to ask you a bunch of rhetorical questions here that are posed by the guy name of richard coke in his book the eighty twenty principle i'm gonna read an excerpt from his book i'm gonna pose to a lot of questions i would ask for you to do is to think deeply on these questions and to ask yourself these questions take no get into notebook get a notebook and take note here we go mask you questions from eighty twenty principle written by richard cook which is basically breaking on the paredo principal he writes am i living with the right person where people stop here teague at the answer am i living in the right place working in the right now that match my ideal work play the suit my.

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