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Choose hurting him and he was yelling and screaming the whole time and it was just hilarious and then we went. I took bill cost and I went to dinner with them. This is a very okay very funny story so I just emailed them and said Hey I'm coming in for the LA open after Pebble Beach Room at the end. And he says yeah you can stay But you have to leave on Thursday because I got other people coming in so I get there Sunday. He's got a girlfriend that came over and then watching the grammy's and I went to bed. I was tired. I just flew in from Pavel. Now it's Wednesday and we're going to dinner and I got Bill Haas in and actually the table next to us was does the Gretzky's with Dustin Johnson in the sixteen year old Paulina. That's when they met that night and they ended up hooking up and getting together right so that was the first time they met. How about that next door at the next table over? But anyway so we're walking in and it's the first Surroun- is Thursday and I got a check out and get a hotel room. Because Larry's got people coming in. And he had his buddy Nick Stevens with them who's he's an agent And did some mm stuff with science. The seinfeld stuff so as we're walking in I've asked Larry three times like you know. When do I need to leave? You know check out like I'm playing late. Do I check out in the morning or can I come back after one of these one of these other folks coming in and he said No. You're good I said okay. I asked him again he said No. No you're good. You're good so I don't know what that means. So we're walking into his restaurant. I say the Nick Nick. What's the deal? I've asked him three times. He says he's got people coming in. I don't know when I need to leave. And he says I'm good he goes. He said you're good. He goes lemons. You make you made the cut. I mean when he goes see. It's the Jewish thing no Jew would commit to someone for a whole week if they don't really know him that well okay so so you commit for half a week and then you know if I'm a pain in the pain in the ass and he can just say like people coming in he had nobody come in. Yeah that's that's really so so it's absolutely brilliant so if you if you're you know we have a summer place in Rhode Island and you know if we don't really know the folks coming in say. Hey well we it can only go like three or four days and then can we come up for a few days in the summers sure. Yeah no problem but it was really funny so I made the cut so I was there the whole week so I didn't get kicked out. Do you like going out to La. I love it I love L.. Do you feel like you're done with it after a week. You WanNa stay none onsite like all right good. I'm going to turn this off now. I'm good I'm good with it. Yeah no it's It's a good for a week. Good to see all the famous people I enjoy where I live. I enjoy Georgia and I enjoy Joe. Enjoy Rhode Island and it's always fun to go to La because you know you always playing good golf courses and it's a good vibe but it's it's it's nice to to go back home. What's your favorite course out there? You know the whole pebble beach area is fantastic. You Know Riviera now is just unbelievable. I mean when we played there back in the day from in eighty eight was my rookie year. The course was always in terrible shape. I acquainted till like a beautiful old whore that That that is just been run down and and and Rung Wet. You'll like like just she so tired and so it's she's just well well pastor peak well past her prime and that's what Rivera was just as gray golf course just awesome but was always in terrible shape especially when we got there in February anywhere and it was just. It was just so sad because at that time they had a couple of thousand members every Monday they would have two programs one in the morning one in the afternoon so the golf course never could rest never could get in good shape and that's totally changed now it's They only have three hundred members. I think you could play a US. Open there any any week of the year. It's like it's like Pebble Beach Pebble Beach. When I first on the tour in the late eighties it was owned by the Japanese? I think owned it and and until Peter Ueberroth and Arnold Palmer and Clint Eastwood in that group bought it now. They've restored it in Pebble Beach. You can go there any given day any given week and it's unbelievable shave it's fantastic and that's you know that's the way Riviera was it was just never in good shape and now it is and it's It's really cool to play. So those courses are great. I love going over to Bel Air and seeing some friends there. Mac Davis the old singer from what was that movie. North Dallas US forty. Maximum is a legend up there at At Bel Air. So when I come in China usually get around in with him and it's funny like like I feel like everything I think about L. A.. A lot of it is through. Curb your enthusiasm right where the owner of the golf course in curb your enthusiasm The Japanese guy. He's got the Swan and all that that's kind of how I think I don't know who owns Rivera now. But that's kind of how I think era or like you talking about the guy or getting divorced. I like I just think of Cheryl Michelle Wright who you're talking about right. It's it's when you're with the guy you're in you're in episode and that year that I stay stay with him They were filming and I played in the pro-am in the morning in the afternoon I went down it was near the near. LAX and He ended up. Put me in a in one of the episodes So I was a doctor and And in only two people called and said Hey I saw you curb your enthusiasm. Handsome one was John. Houston who has not call me since and that was fifteen years ago ten years ago and Jerry Haas my old college roommate golf coach at wake forced he called me to say to people that noticed that I was a doctor on care. Museums may visit privileged medical conversation. Yeah felt we're coming for for folks that don't watch. PGA Tour Champions week-to-week basis talk to us about what. What's the difference? The main difference is our core set up of course as you guys play I mean is it just not move forward. And and what's the difference in in your mind I think that will course set up on the PGA tour changed as I got older In the change was has like six six and six so like the first few days they would have six hard pens six medium pens and six Kinda easy pins and then towards the end of my career. It seemed seen like First round every pin was hard eighteen hard pens every single day every single week So the golf courses changed in that respect out here. You're setting up a course for fifty year old in your setting up a course for you may have a guy who's seventy that's playing in it so there's a couple of holes where if there's force carry you can't go all the way back where you can have some guys in the field that can't carry water or can't carry a hazard so they have to move tees up on a few also. I think the biggest difference is that on the PGA tour. You have two or three or four par fours that are over five hundred yards out here. We don't have that we were. We were a little little short in that. We'll have maybe one ball buster par four on each nine that You know that you have to pay attention to where on the regular tour seems seems like a lot of par fours or ball buster holes. What was your view of the champion's tour while you're let's say you're in your prime on the PGA tour right? What was your view? The champions tour and how is that view differ from actually having experienced it for several years. Now that's a great question because you know when you're on the PGA tour you're in that bubble. Didn't really watch much of it. I watched more of it when I was younger when I was not on the tour. In the champion's tour I started in remember going out to Newport Country Club had the golf digest pro-am and watching the Sam snead played their Arnold Palmer. was there all these. You know the guys that started the champion's tour I remember white. What going out and watching them play the once I got on the PGA tour? I didn't really you know kinda autumn. Mind you not really paying attention to it. You see a little bit of it but not much and and then coming out. I didn't know how it's going to be How the guys were going to accept me? Because it's been a long time since I seen a lot of these guys when I turned fifty and it was I was blown away on the Camaraderie. I was blown away about everybody embracing me and give me a hug saying you know. This is You're going to have a great time time out here. This is a great tour It's a lot more relaxed. It's fun having a good time. Oh Gosh it's it's ridiculous it's it's just you know I I why did TV. When I was forty six seven eight I quit and forty nine? I started practicing and get ready for fifty and my goal was mentally. That I'm gonNA enjoy this I played the tour for twenty. Five years You don't really realize how much of a grind it is. And how much pressure there is. I mean you get pressured to servive pressure to keep your card. Now you build a family now you have bills to pay all those things kind of go with it and you just Kinda you're riding this ride you know at the end of my career. I wasn't playing very good and and that was a good break from me. My wife was going back to seminary She she's now a Presbyterian minister. My kids were in middle school and high school so I was home more and I did this. TV thing And I enjoyed working for the golf channel out on the you know I was a roving on course reporter commentator and I enjoyed being out there and watching. I learned a lot because you know as a player you I think every player is making every pot and then you go out and you're following either woods or Mickelson or whoever the hottest players that week and you realize they don't make everything and They do chip. Well they all pretty close in You know they have the the stress level. Isn't that hard for the great players you know. They chip it close and they don't they don't have to make five footers every single to save shots and stuff and so. I learned a lot in that those three years but My goal was to come out on the champions tour and have fun on that care a whole lot and just enjoy the process. I have a bad day. It's no big deal and with that mindset. I've played great. I've really embraced this tour and I've enjoyed it. You know the guys. I always said the guys that were pricks on the regulatory less prickly on the on the champions You you not really but you know who they are and and their edges is not not like the PG tour in. I didn't realize how much pressure should the tour was until I got away from it to see How much pressure there is on surviving? You know if miss three or four cuts in a row so how how. How are you dealing with that? And then having a trying to get it back and get it back you always you always get that pressure in the frontal lobe pair of grind to survive in. If you did as long as I did it you understand where you understand what I'm talking about. What was the toughest part about get TV? I would say the hardest thing. Is that on the plane golf. which is the only thing I've known my whole life and that's my job? You know every day. Hey where you stand you know when you leave the course if you shot seventy five. You're seventy five shooter and I gotTa get better and I gotta go practice and work on my game to get better and you go new shoot sixty five you leave the golf course and you feel pretty good about yourself and you can't wait to get up the next day and build on that sixty five and try to win a golf tournament ornament.

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