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Sheriff's deputies say a suspect accused of assaulting a woman in salmon creek was found dead inside a home deputies were called to northeast tenth avenue in one forty nine th street last. Last night by a woman who says her boyfriend assaulted her as ws approach the home to contact the suspect gunshots from inside the swat team was called in when the enter the house. They found the suspect dead. His name has not been released. The Oregon legislature has reached a settlement with nine women who say they were sexually harassed at the state capital eleven Xs Bradford has more investigation into sexual harassment of the Oregon state capital started. When state Senator Sarah gals for accused Senator Jeff crews and sexual misconduct. Crews resigned his seat the Oregon bureau of labor and industries launched an investigation found several women had been harassed by a variety of people at the capital. It was determined to be a hostile work environment. Nine women are part of the one point one billion dollars settlement. The legislature is now considering bills to correct the problem. One Bill would create an equity office that would handle the complaints and sexual harassment training for everyone working at the capital is North Korea gearing up its long range missile program. Once again for an experts reportedly say, so it was Tom rivers reports from the foreign desk, South Korea's national intelligence. Services provided the assessment about the Tung Chung relaunch side to lawmakers during a private briefing. There's been no immediate response from the north a website. Specializing in North Korean studies sites commercial satellite imagery is indicating that efforts to rebuild some structures at the site started sometime after mid February US customs and border protection says children and families are crossing the southern border in record numbers border officials released new arrest data on Tuesday. Brian Hastings is the US border patrol chief of operations seventy percent of all those were resting or from the northern triangle, water Malla, all Salvador, Honduras agents, apprehended more than thirty six thousand families up more than three hundred percent over the same time period last year, CJ McCollum scored twenty seven points and Damian Lillard twenty four but the trailblazers fell one twenty to one eleven to the grizzlies in Memphis. The blazers will host Oklahoma City tomorrow night coverage of the game begins at five thirty with tip off at seven thirty. On the home of the blazers rip city sports radio six twenty. I'm Anna, Eriksson, NewsRadio eleven ninety. Watch.

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