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I love this podcast. Support this show through the acoss supportive asia. It's up to you. How much give. And there's no regular commitment. Just hit the link in the show description to support now. Fifteen seconds guided journal ignition sequence. Uh space nuts. Three to five at the metric what it feels good once again. Thank you for joining us. This is the space nuts. Podcast my name is andrew dunkley your host and joining me as always as professor fred. What's an astronomer at lodge. Hullo fred low andrew. How are you this who we see you using a new interface today on tested by the way so this could go belly up real quick but noses is to say each other which we haven't done for months and well. It's very good that we can see each other know that it's really the same person that makes a difference because we can sort of fail i can. I can do things that people can't say that that was going to do that. One anyway. it's good. It's really good now. We got a lot to cover today. So we've been get started. The twentieth anniversary of the international space station with permanent occupancy has just passed and that's been celebrated offered a few stories about that on the other side of the coin. something not to celebrate is at demise which is probably going to happen in two thousand and sixty eight if you re popular press But will it. we will allow certainly Look into that Some strange discovery in titan's atmosphere. It seems to be an era of finding things in planetary atmospheres we venus not so long ago and now tighten Has got something popping up and will answer some audience questions. A couple ripa's today. Fred audio questions to Somebody asking about using telescopes at the equator. And if that creates a certain difficulties and the evolution of life on other planets would have different. Would it bay depending on the circumstances they face. It's a really good question. We'll tackle all of that today But i read the twentieth anniversary of the iss. I clearly remember when all the hullabaloo went on about them launching this thing and getting up there and twenty years later it's still going strong in the bay is worse.

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