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The live auction and several anchors from the komo morning news team walk their own animals down the runway the humane society's goal is to make washington a no kill state and congratulations to all participated early numbers right now a guesstimate one point eight five million dollars estimate was raised last night in that annual of aunt lindsay bomb of grays harbor county disappeared in two thousand nine and this week we learned she was murdered her remains found in eastern washington it's quite an investigation complicated komo's tammy matassa provides an update of the latest in findings this week twenty two canine teams and ten agencies have been combing through this area of mana stash road twenty miles west of ellensburg hundreds found the skeletal remains last fall with the recently matched to the ten year old girl who disappeared from cleary nine years ago this week the grays harbor sheriff said law enforcement will do what ever it takes to hunt down this little girl's killer my fellow sheriff's the fbi in all of the law enforcement agencies who have been involved in this investigation will remain involved as needed until we bring the monster that's responsible for this no word on when crews will be coming back to finish the search reporting from kittitas county tammy matassa komo news police arrested a man for waving a gun friday night in madison park officers responded a multiple nine one one calls of an intoxicated man waving a firearm around while standing in front of businesses and the forty two hundred block of madison check of the suspect's name show that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest was prohibited from having a firearm he was arrested in book indicating county jail.

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