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Horrible fate of Jamal Khashoggi. Graphic details of his last moments of life for the outspoken critic of the Saudi Arabian government captured on audiotape and distributed to world leaders. Here's CBS's Larry Miller at the foreign desk. Turkish journalist says he's heard the recording anchor. Shoghi last words were I'm suffocating take this bag off my head. I'm claustrophobic. He says it took seven minutes to kill kashogi with a plastic bag and fifteen minutes to dismember him yesterday. Turkish president Erdogan says he shared the grizzly recording with the US and other countries is the White House says the subject of kashogi death discussed last night in Paris at a state dinner by President Trump and Turkish president earned one. They talked about how best to respond to kashogi killing. Mr. Trump has said, he expects to form a much stronger opinion this week and decide what action he might take against the Saudi president says it is known for certain now the killer or killers among fifteen Saudis CBS news. News update. I'm Jim Taylor. WBZ news time seven thirty two. Wildfires continue to burn into portions of California. At least twenty people have died in a huge fire in the northern part of the state at least two people are dead in a fire burning in southern California, which includes the Malibu area. This will give you an idea of just the power this fire had is it was going through this area. I'm standing in front of the bridge. And the bridge has been essentially melting the metal that held up. The pavement is oldest figured and this portion of the Mojo and highway has been cut off. Steve Futterman, CBS news, Malibu, California. Election workers are beginning to recount ballots in Florida's US Senate and governor races under a state order to review the two nationally watch campaigns. Unofficial results in the governor's ratio. Republican former congressman Rhonda Santa's led democratic Tallahassee mayor Andrew gillum by less than a half percentage point in. Senate race Republican governor Rick Scott have lead of less than a quarter of a percentage point over democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. Thursday's deadline for completing that recount and in Georgia Republican Brian camp is pressing Democrats Stacey Abrams to concede tight. Gubernatorial race. There is civil rights groups urged her not to give up until every vote is counted unofficial results show Campo the roughly sixty three thousand vote lead that of course in Georgia. Prosecutors say seventy year old man has been found with a large amount of heroin on Chicago's northwest side Manuel Haas is charged with selling a kilogram of heroin to undercover police who say he had a million dollars worth of it in his possession row Haas lives in the little village neighborhood, the alleged sale took place in the forty seven hundred block of west Belmont is bail was set at three hundred dollars..

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