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Sad story a bridge collapsed in florida miami dade county miami area of course florida international university brand new bridge weighed nine hundred fifty tonnes was just installed five days ago they were doing it stress test and then the worst possible thing happened yes a stress test what exactly is that and why was it being done when it was being in the rubble of vehicle belonging to an engineering firm which does such stress tests that company did not return calls asking me if it was conducting those tests and overnight florida senator marco rubio tweeting the cables that suspend that bridge loosened and the engineering firm ordered that they be tightened they were being tightened when it collapsed mark rosenberg with f i you he was asked why this area wasn't cleared beforehand assume that they believe it was a routine normal tasks but that's what the investigation is gonna determine absolutely unacceptable your stress testing a bridge a nine hundred fifty tunbridge you're in what day sex after the original installation you're kind of tweaking things you're tightening cables you don't you don't do that with with live traffic underneath i don't care what the situation was and if that was a busy street whatever you don't risk people's lives while you're doing those kinds of things for a very very heavy bridge i don't understand the process here and i've been around construction projects the way it works nowadays is over careful they take incredible precautions to make sure things like this don't happen in this case through all that out the window said oh we can have traffic going by while we're doing stress tests worst possible decision could make and frankly unacceptable there's going to be heads that role on this and the six people that died didn't have to die and you when you read and hear stories like this common sense did not prevail here i understand it was a dynamic bridge a new design all those things but you gotta make sure that what you're doing here is safe to do those kinds of tests on a bridge that was unique apparently had never been done in that style that weight being.

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