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Get a little too comfortable in their cubicle. Sometimes that was the time around. Two thousand fifteen were thinks were different in detroit. There was a lot of effort on a local level. But also the whole michigan state was looking for what is michigan and the power and the rust belt of the northern establishment. Where is that in ten twenty thirty years with technology at the horizon of the electrification of vertical takeoff and landing vehicles of the autonomous drive. And i said. I want to go to the cottage for creative studies to make designers with the ability to dream. I wanna make them and educate them as inventors and that was my take on reinventing the in sharing this new program i- branded as the designer as inventor. I got a lot of support from the dean john. Healey everybody at the time just to roll this out. I was recruiting international talent. From india. Korea from china at a lot of those students and taught myself about branding about haram ended is to have a strategy the business aspect of every stroke. You do so. It's just awesome. But then one day i get a call from the new. Ceo of karma automotive. Tom corcoran and he said i alex. I'm the new. Ceo here was fisker. And i heard that you are the hero here. Can you imagine to come back and aside. Tom i mean i really like it here. But i never really wanted to leave scotto motive. We had so much going on. We wanted to continue. And i had to leave so coming back is actually continuing dri. My head and i spoke with my leader said ccs. And i apologize but it just brought me back to what i started. I wanted to finish it. And so i did. And we worked on a complete new electric vehicle platform with several derivatives of kind so it was really not a platform as wasn't architecture. I recruited some german talent out of the engineering world to it to help me to convince. American platform thinkers in the engineering world. About what an architecture means. Because that's the difference and so we did and we crunched away. I think what three four years and had beautiful design. Ma we head off out and seeding bugs and really understood this up until tom corcoran retired and new. Ceo came from china and he had completely different plants. You wanted to have a partnership with pininfarina. And he said. I don't get the money from the owners to create this all new platform architecture. What you guys are working on. And he offered me money to buy me out. Basically to that. I move on and i said oh well if that's now what the strategy is going to be. Let me go back into my consulting business. Took the money rejuvenated. My consulting and the context avenue started back sharing what i learned over thirty years. Well i think you probably be the right move to not just from a personal satisfaction standpoint. Because obviously you wouldn't be where you are now and we wouldn't be here talking about the full minia if you hadn't made that move. I can't imagine a brand being in better hands with more inspired minds behind it than yours and franko and some of the great partners you have to make automobile streaming or reality. thanks drove. this is awesome. Thanks.

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