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Here's your deadline for this. I want you to love it as much as I do Juno Dave. Myers rings a bell. So he in Saint Louis and he does this to he has jumped all in look up get a chance, his website areas facebook page I think coo for Cocoa Ko. Ko. And In any is cooking channel where his are so professionals so well, then because he's a professional. So. Amazing. But he loves it and you know he signed up under me and I love having him because he really enjoys it. So if you know anyone like need some extra money. It's not a hard sell because it's Doug Chocolate. King take a raw. Mercy I know that you have some charities that are near and dear to your heart is there one that you're actively looking to promote their somebody gets support you in that. Home again I have so many I'm working on right now Let me think I Linden I did something for love like Jackson. Which is a nice one I'm I am supposed to call some about the Kaufman find the assistant late assistance league I work with. Just did a fundraiser for the anti-defamation Laurie Curious in that. Oh, foodbank. I love like Champs Okay die asked me about. I, I could list twenty champs assisted dogs those they're great too. They're just so many places that really do a nice job about staff so. I think it's very cool. What you do you not only sell it but you're really genuine down to earth person and you care like I'll be on facebook and all of a sudden Elsie look at somebody dropped off at my kitchen and I'll see the bags on I'm like, oh, there's marcy. So she's a giver she likes to give when she can and I think that's just so cool because it's more than just chocolate it's more than just making. Well. And I mean I, do it for business but I don't know I mean my husband's job is we're we're paying our mortgage from as much from this. I mean this sort of helps out sometimes and stuff but So because of that, I'm very lucky that I can you know want to charity want something I can like just. Eight years this or here's sadder You know if I've been hearing about people who are having a hard time, I'll just send them something more. I've had a lot of people sending friends stuff that are just down. So I do love that I can do that. Yeah. That's very nice of you.

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