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Humane Society welcomes dozens of cats and dogs that were sheltered in the path of hurricane Dorian newsradio nine fifties at Clark has details remain society CEO Matthew peppers says they were able to help with an immediate need we can clear the shelter so that they can work locally to cheap pressed together right at our geographic areas pepper spoke live on W. W. Jason the cats and dogs arrived by plane at willow run airport Sunday this gives those locally looking for a new friend an opportunity these are going to want that are gonna be going up for adoption right here in metro Detroit inaudible county with harbor Humane Lansing capital area Humane Society and then here multiple organizations in southeast Michigan pepper says this is not uncommon for the Humane Society of Michigan having done it last in twenty seventeen during hurricane Harvey that Clark WWJ newsradio nine fifty to toward police say they're looking for a sixteen year old girl accused of causing a deadly crash in a stolen SUV on the east side police say a thirteen year old girl was killed on the scene. and after she was ejected from a two thousand two Chevy around eleven fifteen Saturday evening it happened on east McNichols it near Bradford a go fund me page in multiple reports have identified her as demarre Perkins the go fund me page says tomorrow's lifelong goal was to become the first African American woman to sit as a justice of the Supreme Court several other girls in the car between thirteen and twenty years old were also injured no word on their condition a sea plane crashed has emergency crews responding at near waters lake they were there in independence township this afternoon the plane caught fire after it crashed in the front yard of a home off Clarkston wrote the Oakland county sheriff's department says a pilot and passenger were taken to an area hospital with minor injuries the F. A. A. is investigating two men in serious condition after a rollover crash along Detroit freeway this morning state police posting on Twitter that it happened just before five AM along northbound I. seventy five near Milwaukee where the driver lost control and the vehicle went up the embankment and rolled over both the driver and passenger were ejected they were taken to a local hospital in serious condition neither person had a seat belt on the investigation continues at this time she doesn't want to but governor gritting Witmer says she is putting out the notices at a state shut down could be coming joining us live on W. W. J. this morning before leading thousands for the annual Labor Day Mackinaw bridge walk the governor says she put the budget in six months ago and so far no deal has been reached my job is to make sure that were prepared in the event that the legislature doesn't get their act together and.

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