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Has been my guest her book is called off the clock feel less busy while getting more done and you'll find a link to her book at amazon in the show notes thanks for spending time with us laura thank you bye i'm sure you've been to convention or a meeting or a seminar or just at your kid's school at a parents night you're often presented with a name badge to wear on your chest so people know who you are so where does that name badge go well even though it's easier for right handed people to put the name tag on their left side it should actually go on the right side and the reason is purely functional when you're shaking right hand to right hand the other person has easier i contact with both you and the name tag if it's on your right side that way helps the person remember your name and associate your name with your face which is the purpose of wearing a name tag in the first place and that is something you should know please remember to subscribe to this podcast and if you have a moment to leave a rating and review on i tunes spotify stitcher wherever you listen to podcasts a rating and review is always appreciated i'm mike carruthers thanks for listening today to something you should know.

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