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Yeah trying to get vouchers the sleeping in the car with the kids she's crying Daddy one of the whole then we don't know what to tell them to those kids by the way the oldest that I saw was eleven and the youngest was still being carried I don't think walking yet so somewhere probably between about one and eleven so where are you so that so let me do the math here they've been homeless how many years two years and that young is kit is younger than two that is correct so while they were a homeless with four kids they decide to have no rooms they had motel rooms well while they're well they're homeless or at all I mean motels with four kids and and and kids asking Hey where when we go on home mom and dad the these side to US scientists decided to have another child well they did have one whether it was this had decision or not they they did have one but yeah there at a family of seven and they're one of the first the first to move into by the way are they scientist I didn't get into that but what I was told is that the husband who you heard there has been struggling for a long time to find work I guess so I get it's it's you know look are they having kids is one of the greatest things you could possibly do you know just ask up myself for crozier who has a a beautiful young daughters going off to college and she's back and it broke his heart that she laughed and he's and she's back in you can see it is in is it every bone in his body and now it's after the holidays that she's back in town back in his life every day it and in so kids of the greatest things in the world but man when you got four of them and you're homeless and you decide to have another one you you just you gotta think about the other four kids gang I think about those other kids all right so what else what other families are there do we have any any other interesting stories we just know that some of the people who are moving in our veterans and teens who have come out of the foster care system that's kind of one of the things that local officials bring up all the time is that kids are in the foster program get some amount of care until they're eighteen and then they kind of just get left in the round there isn't a whole lot of follow up there and they might not have other family connections or things like that so summer kind of people in their twenties who came out of the foster care system prime veterans other low income but again going forward really one of the things to watch is the cost per unit because this particular complex cost about thirty four million dollars to thirty four million dollars to build and again it includes sixty units now here's where the math gets a little bit tricky because an ordinary person would probably say alright thirty four million divide by sixty what you get well it's more than five hundred sixty thousand per unit right the city and county officials don't like to use that number because they say you can't look at it just like that because we also built in some supportive services we how the managers on site but the reality is it would cost almost thirty four million and a total of sixty units are available so they could have it is a fair way it is a fair way to say for this much money this many units rather produce now yeah you're you're actually right it's a fair way to hammer him over the head for wasting money but they could have bought an apartment building with sixty units in it for probably I don't know six million maybe seven million dollars well it ended up costing but a cuddly nurses in there and both yeah an interesting point on a couple of different fronts one I'll bring up first the city controller Ron Galbraith did an audit to probably in the last couple of months where he highlighted that the market rate for condos or apartments in the county is far less than what they're spending via prop H. H. H. so this isn't even comparable on a market level it's actually more expensive bomb and then get a one of the advocates in the community the aids health healthcare foundation they regularly try to highlight that there are vacant buildings or hotels are usually highlight hotels but there are hotels other apartment complexes they're saying if the city and county wanted to be serious about this they could just by these buildings it would cost very take much less time to get them up and running it would be much more cost effective but really going forward in this planet is new construction and again this particular one from the time that the bonds came through to the time the Keyes turn of the doors open it was about two and a half three years and that's the cost about thirty four million and then for these sixty units the families are moving into part well here's an I just found this on Los fieles Boulevard in upcoming area we don't hot place live hot zip yeah as my friend Jason to lock say hot chip pods zip and there's a an apartment building for sale there it's I sixteen units for four million dollars right so if there is their apartment south and that's in a good area now if you are if you go to a really crappy area you can get yourself well here's one there's five units I in Los Angeles five units five apartments for six hundred and seventy five thousand dollars that's about a hundred twenty five thousand dollars per unit and they could have done that but they didn't they like to grease the palms of the people who are you know supported them and their campaigns and give them money then when they got out of office they get a kick back that's what it's all about you know the median price of the units that are going up is more than five hundred thousand dollars on a per unit basis and again that was the subject of the city comptroller's audit when he found that that wasn't commensurate with the market average buys you could you could do much better just on the market then you are with your right they're paying for these new units yeah he's right any and he's you know he's got the balls to say it here's another one on Florence Avenue in Los Angeles eight units for one point four million dollars and so that's and that's about a hot about a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a unit or so I mean and and no I that's an older and those people kind of fight gotta could moved in the next day it's on yeah yeah all right the enter thanks for coming on hi and then I bet and as these apartment buildings open I'm sure you'll have you know you'll be there every every single one of him listening to the the spin by all these guys now all right I'll try to sort through it thanks bye appreciate it all right all right there goes Sandra Malham bag everybody and man people get sick of this when you know you pay so much in taxes and I think I believe proposition HHH is just the city tax I think it's LA city it has to pay that so when you look at you know your property tax a buddy of mine lives in in north Hollywood and I live in Burbank if you're just tuning in am we have the same about the same size house and it's priced about the same and he pays an extra thousand or fifteen hundred dollars in property tax every year just to support these you know these crazy programs so if you live in the city of Los Angeles moving into the city of Los Angeles he got a look at how much they're charging on property tax and then add that to your monthly bill and then moved to Burbank all right we're live on KFI am six forty.

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