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Is for food. The vendors are sunk food here. It might be for those carts that sell toys, and stuff and balloons, and whatever MacArthur part. I mean, it looks like I mean, it does not look like, Los Angeles. It looks like vending looks like the the flea market in the Rose Bowl Pacific Palisades Pacific Palisades on the Pacific Pacific park. I think it's just called by the grove maintain vendors all over they're selling. Here's the thing. I don't mind it, why don't mind it. But here's the thing. If you are let's say, it's, you know, hotdog with bacon, and you're a hamburger and hotdog stand. You have to pay taxes employees OSHA workers comp. That's right rent, isn't it unfair? You just you just go screw it. I'm going to stay. Got none of that. The consumer has the choice. Do I want? This rated by the health department. Do I want to go to a place that has you know, has a rating and follows all rules or do. I just want a street dog that I don't know what am I would argue that they will have to be subjected to health standards. If it doesn't say that here. But it does say that the, you know, the the center that introduced this Bill introduced it because you heard about a story about a woman that was harassed and arrested for selling corn in Rancho Cucamonga and spent six months in jail before a judge her release. Herbal eighty percent of his food vendors some fifty thousand in L A were estimated to be women. The other question I have citizens. We don't know are they here early. We'd love if they're illegal. They're going to get extra protection. So it's good. Sometimes people misunderstand social security.

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