Rep. Jamie Raskin Fails to Report Wife's Huge Stock Payout


Then we have Jamie Raskin Remember him the red his father was had ties to other reds He found a report huge stock payout for his wife Beautiful wife He goes around on Jamie Raskin They think that's the wife They think the wife's name Jamie No it's the congressman His wife's name is Sarah bloom Raskin And she was nominated last month by Biden to service the Federal Reserve vice chairman for supervision That's how the reward the raskins Raskin's been on the two impeachment committee I believe he's on the January 6th committee He led the second impeachment trial And of course his father was an old red and he's a chip off the old block And my humble opinion In Sarah bloom Raskin is a duke university law professor held high level positions at the department of treasury and the fed Under Barack hospital Benito Obama of course her nomination has been welcomed by radical cook leftists Radical cook left us She believes strongly in climate change And that it can endanger the federal banks independence or partisanship So of course somebody who has a climate change ideology Needs to be heading or be one of the top people at the fed We all know

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