Major Athletic Corporation Tweets Pictures of Bare Women's Breasts


If you had told me this morning that later today a major corporation was going to tweet out on their Twitter feed Pictures of 25 sets of bare women's breasts I would be I'll be honest I gotta be honest you gotta be really can't lie on talk radio You guys can smell it a mile away if anyone's disingenuous I'm gonna be honest I would have said well this is gonna be a good day in my life At any moment now as I scroll my Twitter feed I'm going to see 25 pairs of naked women's breasts To me that's a good day You have to understand the ladies if you haven't already figured this out When boys go through puberty and adolescence and their 14 years old and all they can think about is a certain thing in their life that doesn't go away Look at Bill Clinton for God's sake Some of us can control it better okay But it pretty much doesn't go away So you know so I'm sitting around squirreling through Twitter and people are talking about I'm not even gonna say their name because they did this for attention but it is a corporation that sells athletic gear and it's not Nike And I'll leave it at that And they're promoting their sports bras And so they sent out pictures of 50 breasts Two by two thinking it was arc There's no faces associated with them They're just it's just naked torsos Of literally all different shapes and sizes And they're talking about how they all women are made different so that's why we have all these different sports bras to come to See how something tells me That is what what's wrong with that It's just the female anatomy Okay you've never met a straight man then Because men are pretty bass

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