Biden: U.S. Military Raid in Syria Results in Death of ISIS Leader


We had the ISIS raid that just happened. Let's play cut 55, Joe Biden taking credit for it saying last night operating on my orders. The United States military forces successfully removed a major tariff threat to the world play cut 55. Last night, operating in my orders, the United States military forces successfully moved in major terrorist threat to the world. The global leader of ISIS. Known as Haji Abdullah now, one of the main reasons why Biden is executing a lot of these foreign policy decisions right now is obviously trying to resurrect his abysmal poll numbers. And the consensus in The White House is not that he's actually doing a bad job. It's that Afghanistan was for whatever reason, the alleged turning point when things started to go awry. In The White House a lot of people say, yeah, that was really, you know, kind of where people had a misunderstanding of how great our administration actually is. This is also exactly why Joe Biden wants to mobilize troops to the Ukrainian Russian border. You see Joe Biden thinks he can get moderates and people on the center right to think more highly of him if he's going to try to quote unquote put wins on the board for foreign intervention. Play cut 50. The current situation demands that we reinforce the deterrent and defensive posture on NATO's eastern Flank. President Biden has been clear that the United States will respond to the growing threat to Europe's security and stability. Our commitment to NATO article 5 and collective defense remains ironclad. As part of this commitment and to be prepared for a range of contingencies, the United States will soon move additional forces to Romania, Poland and Germany. So you're starting to see a lot of activity overseas, and it's by no mistake. This is all by design. You know, I'm glad to see the leader of ISIS taken out obviously. I'm not glad to see the escalation of troops in the eastern theater. But it's all trying to distract from what is happening domestically, which is a rise in crime, drug overdoses, suicides, incredibly weak economic figures, half a million people, displaced from the job market, otherwise that would not. A total failure when it came to allowing early interventions when it comes to treatment to the COVID-19 virus or the Fauci virus as we'd call it, and so when you look at what's happening overseas, you could call it a wag the dog effect. Here's the big

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