More turn to abortion pills by mail, with legality uncertain


Earlier this year the blighted ministration lifted an FDA ban against allowing the mail delivery of abortion pills because of the pandemic but some states are considering laws to make that illegal a ban on the delivery of abortion pills takes effect next month in Texas south Dakota's governor bandit by executive order and a handful of other states are working on legislation for women seeking to end a pregnancy it is confusing says Utah OBGYN doctor me ship had gas a patchwork of laws that are criminalizing women are pregnant people speaking to self manage their own portion she says it's safe and women don't necessarily need to see a doctor to use an abortion pill comparing it to a miscarriage that occurs at home the group Susan B. Anthony list once a doctor involved policy director Susan Swayze lie down a model bill would look like it would require an in person exam roughly forty percent of the abortions in the U. S. are done through medication hi Jackie Quinn

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