How Democrats Stopped One Man's Fight Against Gang Violence


Chico, we've got shooting in homicides up over the last couple of years year to year about 40% and almost all of the victims as you know are black and Hispanics. Why in your opinion have we had this increase in shootings and murders in the last couple of years? It's definitely political for me because I can tell you what happened to me in the city of Compton. I formed a continent and I did this, put crips in Paris rouge together. To stop all the gay mothers in the city and had a program I had this work and it worked. But guess what happened for political reasons, the political reasons they stopped my program and content. I was meeting with first and started off with four crypts and four blood at the end of the day I was meeting with 3000 crypts and pyruvate. So I went in front of the city council, which is I can say that it's all Democrats. And what happened, they denied my program.

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