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So who took or largely leaning one way that you guys describe this later and later you'll in the other but before we get into that, let's just find out who you are because people may know you back in from a little kind of side hustle project you had a little while ago, but later you're probably more of the unknown. So let's start with you. Who are you? Where are you from? What are you about? Hey, so my name is Linda and I am a former University chaplain. I was from last year university. I spent thirteen years there on campus working with student admissions local Outreach International humanitarian Aid that type of thing. I got to know Emily when I spent a few months over here at the place where she works quite our Ministries getting to again work with individuals internationally sharing about Jesus. And now I am the pastor fax or Outreach associate pastor here at the Vallejo Drive SDA Church in Glendale, California. Awesome. Yeah, so very much Ministry mindset is your kind of career bit chaplaincy or or Church Pastor E type stuff. That's that's where it is. Whether it's nationally or internationally is to sharing right take it as it comes. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. And what about yourself? Tell us who you are where you're from a little bit of your background as well. So no me from the Adventist Millennial podcast, which I did for a while and don't come in my inbox wondering where it is cuz we don't know if it's coming back home made us started up again, but I I'm from Texas and I have a degree in English. I work in marketing and I work for quite our ministry is doing International evangelism type stuff. And yeah, that's the need to know. I'm sorry Advance Millennial has stopped because you don't consider yourself a millennial anymore. Yeah or so last year. Actually, I was traveling a lot for $5 like a lot and it just got to the point where I didn't have the energy to do both because if you listen to that part Broadcast it all, you know that I've very prone to procrastinating and so right during that period where I was just traveling so much. I stopped it and then it just never gotten started again. You just have to pass on me about it. I still I still remember you were it was towards the end of the life of the podcast and I remember that there was like an episode. It was like a really short episode either recorded. It really late at night or really early in the morning and some motel or something like that. And you promised there was there's going to be one last episode of the podcast and another came and got to the point where it was like, well, it's already been such a long time. You do like one year anniversary of not having done any I was like I should like do that one that I promised and then of course because I'm flaky I Didn't Do It Off This is very similar. My wife loves telenovelas. And so there's a telenovela that's a period drama called the Grand Hotel, which was remade as an American drama called the Grand Hotel and it ran for I think for like four seasons as a telenovela and at the end of the first season of the American like the main character got shot. It could have been like three people. It wasn't renewed for season Thursday. Sorry 11..

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