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Call. The video clearly says, yes, they should have gotten a foul call. I think the official might have been looking at Fred vanfleet there instead of looking at OGSM Novi because that's why I was looking I was looking at the primary defender, I'm just speculating here. But you look at Anna Novi pulls his hands back, and what sort of tells me everything was it the raptors players didn't immediately. Celebrate they assume that it was a foul. Right. And that to me, let just said all I needed to see or is there Leon woods, right? There. Clearly has a great angle should see that. That is a miscall. Well, okay. First of all, I will say as usual everyone's human being suspended. Your eyes aren't quite there. I will say also while I understand feeling this was unfair energy into this game. There were turnovers in the final seconds. You were up by twenty seventeen points. By the way, we all say, we don't want the rest to be whistle. Happy in the final part of a game. I mean, I feel both of you. I think you're both. Right. I know what you're going to say because I'm hiding why am I being the old school person on this? And you're being the technician how did that how the game where you thought you should have gotten a call, absolutely? Both sides. The Pacers blew a seventeen point lead depot as good as he has been last night. Had those terro- possessions in the last minute two nights ago. Ms three free throws in the last fifteen seconds. They lose by one to Cleveland, you know, the Pacers one eight in a row, I think seven or actually and they lost two games back to back nights. Each by one point. All depots gotta be better. You know, he is the leader that he's got executing his credit is the first thing he says, he never deflects blame. He always. I mean, he has shown so much leaderships. You got to Indiana. So I I give him credit for that. And and look I'm not mad that people blow leads it happens. I don't know if you can carry on about a miscall after you have bone, a seventeen point lead in sectors. But we're not talking about some team like the New York Knicks. No disrespect. No disrespect talking about raptors. I mean, the best team in the conference making a comeback and they're on their home court. If it happens, I will say this. I thought the raptors. You know in the comeback. There are moments where they could have lost it. They play with some calm last night. You know, they miss me shots. They got the rebound. No big deal. Fred van Vliet hit some big shots last night. I was actually while we can look at the Pacers and that call actually left the raptors took care of business fourth quarter. Like, I expect the championship contender to do the Pacers. As we saw them getting knocked out of the playoffs last year. Lost a bunch of games after the other team came back on them in the final seconds. That's sort of thing. Obviously going into this year's playoffs. They want to be able to win those kinds of games coming up. We're gonna talk about young or sensitive Kunpho telling Anthony Davis to come to the joking. I'm joking. We'll talk about whether you're joking. I here's the district replay. It's this date in two thousand and two Amar Saad. By the way, over newsreel right here. Mark very off the New York Knicks all that money for but never got. That's right. Marbury? Steve is too. So unhappy with everyone right now..

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