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Members are the mission insured by N. C way. Let's get a check of Wall Street this Monday. Jeff Klee Bahn Bao is up 48, The S and P. 500 is up six then as X down for money news in 10 minutes on wtlv Sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red to Dave Johnson. Well, process of elimination. That's how I used to take tests in high school and well, that's where the Washington football team apparently is doing. For its new name. The Washington football team is not considering Warriors as an option for its new name. Jason right, explaining that on a blog post on the team's website this morning, and the Washington football team is still looking for a new name. But warriors is not an option watching football team plans to unveil a new name and logo early in 2022. It's the home run Derby tonight and Nationals. One soda will be involved as the Nationals hit the All Star break with a four game losing streak and right Now six games behind the Mets, so it's kind of glass Half full glass half empty. That's not too bad. You're still within striking distance, but, uh, you better watch out. You better watch out NASCAR Kurt Busch past his brother Kyle to win the race in Atlanta and it a celebrity golf tournament going on Vinny Del Negro be John Smaltz in a playoff. To win the tournament. Tony Romo finished third. Steph Curry finished ninth. Now Michael's finished last. At least he played Dave Johnson. Wtlv Sports. Okay, Dave 10 17. Hi, I'm Christiane and I'm here to talk about a championship offer from Fanduel Sports Book during the NBA Finals. New users get 30 to 1 odds on either the Phoenix Suns or Milwaukee Bucks to win their next game..

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