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And we went and saw him at night stage, night stage in Cambridge. He was playing a show, and we gave him a copy of our record. We said, wait, well, we based this cover, and he's like, I know where you got it from. He's like, Kim thali is a very nice man. But he's also a flyer. And I guess he had released these demos without Richmond's. Yeah, yeah, yeah, which are excellent. But everyone who ever has dealt with Kim fowley had said that sentence. That I could drink up everything you have. Don't let our youth go to ways. But I first got into the modern lovers again in high school. Maybe from the Sex Pistols from the great rock and roll swindle because the Sex Pistols do a cover of road runner, I think that's the first time I heard about the modern lava and I was like, what's this? And I gotta find this record and you could not find that record, but I found a copy of New Zealand where it was still in print when I would go back there some summers and I managed to get a copy of it there. Well, you know, it's interesting, especially in this mid period Richmond. The vulnerability and the sort of naivete and the 100% hard on sleeve attitude. You know, especially in the early galaxy days, but it's a thread that also runs through dean and Brett, and the new album I have nothing to say to the mayor of LA. You know, you're not afraid to sometimes talk to us like a 13 year old. Awkward with life. Right. In an endearing way, dean. Yeah, so thank you. To a duel yesterday, I carried a lot of your hands I insulted myself. I counted to 12. We fired three shots in the air. It's a gay parade. She's above my pay grade. I feel like I've taken for a surprise the

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