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Such a strange from Britain's South Africa and Brazil remain the biggest challenge to a quick worldwide recovery from the pandemic. The bite administration is investing more money to identify variance. Elizabeth Schultz of ABC News had a conversation about this with Cuomo's Taylor Vance ice. Let's give a Listen. How much money are we talking about? Yeah, we're talking about about a little over a billion dollars $1.7 billion to do what the White House says is more genomic sequencing to identify how these variants spread. We're really getting a lot of warnings about the spread of the variance from the White House. The official covert 19 response briefing today was really a wake up, You know, it's a call from all of the top directors. The CDC director is Dr Anthony Fauci, the surgeon general to say These various are contributing to a very big spread of the virus. And it's our job to try to understand exactly how this happening, and it's the public's job to really try to take this seriously. Now, Genome sequencing is probably something folks are familiar with when it comes to like family ancestry, or finding out what kind of dog they really do have. You know if it's not the pure bred? They thought, so Why is it taking so long for the U. S government add more funding. Sequence. The genome of covert 19 seems like a no brainer to me. Yeah, you know, that's a really good point is something that is we're so familiar with and other health instances. I think the reality is that these variants are spreading so quickly. There has been many of them at this point that just keeping up with what's happening out there in the world is tough from the science perspective. So Certainly that the investment you know, putting money into it is the right is a signal that this is being taken seriously, But they also acknowledge that they are very kind of in the dark about how much they understand. About this B 117 variants and by the way that UK variant accounts for 44% of all cases now in the U. S, and the reality is they have to try to figure this out more urgently. And they're trying to put efforts toward that now goes along with the findings. When that vary in first started spreading of how easily it can be transmitted any update today on the paws of the J and J vaccine because we do know that That, along with the Fizer and Madonna vaccines work well against the UK variant we do, and that is the message we continue to hear from the top health officials. This was the main source of questioning today on the White House. Cope in 19 call was, what is the plan with this change? A pause to CDC director is defending the decision to posit essentially saying that they need more time to look at the data. At the six people who had developed his rare blood clots after getting the shot, so the plan is to have this another independent panel of the CDC meet next Friday so week from today. Look at the data and have perhaps if you some sort of recommendation, but it's going to be paused at least until then, And in the meantime, they're they're trying to not have this kind of slow down the overall pace of vaccinations. White House is saying there are enough modern on five shots for everyone to get one. Even with this change, a pause, baby sees Elizabeth Schultz and Kozmo's Taylor ran site. This is come on news Sunday..

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