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I mean, our colleague Joe Klatt from FOX joined by and he's going to be on night. Two of the NFL network draft coverage from Nashville, he he said chargers patriots giants are are in name names. And Joel people say, well, he's not an NFL insider Joel call just about everyone of Josh Rosen. Big games in the Pac twelve for FOX. He called all of calories big games for the big twelve for FOX Joel has sources to. So when he said that I followed up with him. He said look it happened. Whatever I reported some of those calls may have just been inquiries, and they may have happened before free agency, which leads me to the to the chargers, they signed tyrod Taylor does that mean, they're, you know, come on. I mean Baker Mayfield is the two words you need to hear about him in terms of where where you might go. That's what I said when we heard after. Klatten like Portugal Taylor. I mean, it is time. It's Ron rod. No ports era Taylor. I mean Baker Mayfield. Now, he could possibly get Rosen in in Los Angeles. But it makes sense. It makes sense that he's a local kid. Yeah. Certainly makes sense here in New York City. It makes sense obviously, New England at some point is going to have to get that next. Garoppolo right. Yes. And and obviously Rosen would be a perfect opportunity to do something like that. And all of those teams have interesting things they can offer. So the giants might be desperate for quarterback, and you could say six or seventeen they've an early second round pick. The patriots had the last pick of the first round the charters of the twenty eighth pick that seems to be about the market somewhere in that twenty to thirty eight range as far as overall pick for what Josh Rosen the already have them one year into the NFL. And the key thing with Rosen, which has been mentioned few times the cardinals paid him so much guaranteed money up front is making about an average of three million a year for the next three. Years. So that you think about Russell Wilson is going to be asking three million year for a potential starting quarterback is a bargain if from everyone I talked to Zona right down to Steve Wilks who I spoke with at the end of the season. And also at the combine not a bad word to say about Josh Rosen all those things before the draft possibly being a petulant get no he was a mature professional. We all we all. We were all we were all on the Rosen trained last year at the draft. So if the giants flipped their second round choice at the top of Friday night for Rosen and choose to defensive studs in the first round. And then come back to New York. Can Gettleman basically say how do you like, you know? Think about it. I mean Djibril peppers. I think is a very good future. And I think when I spoke with Gettleman at the NFL league meetings. He was super high on Djibril you get to defensive studs. So you end up with Ed Oliver and one of the Clemson kids off the edge, and you get golden Tate, and you're all right quota bag you in your mouth draft had Oliver going forth to the raiders Oliver. I don't think he gets out of the top five this guy jets might even take. This guy is the one that no one song about Richmond. Besides you. And I people talk Aaron Donald is the name that that are mentioned with him. That's mentioned with winning Williams might go before because he's great kid, but quit Williams comes from of body size. That is dominant sue Gerald McCoy Ed Oliver is a clone of Aaron Donald body. I'm not saying these Aaron Donald, but he won't talk about the next wave. And however it was for the next tyreek hill at receiver. They'll give the next Aaron Donald. It's not quitting Williams. It's at Oliver. So if the giants don't pull the trade for Rosen in your mock draft, you have them drew lock the wrong name and Daniel Jones before from drew lock before. Dwayne haskins. What gives you that idea? There are few people that I talked to the league that do quarterbacks that I trust.

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