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So they're always fight a glamorous fancy dress parties and. He was being pretty flamboyant. Outfit. So and they were they were lively pot is say, did you see was the same guy? What was he a different guy away from the race track away from the pressure of he was on? He was very well balanced guy away from the racetrack. Ame- never loaded the. I'm Michael Schumacher. Do you know who I am not I never ever saw him? They liked to have a bit of protection who's oversee he loved America. Because really no one knew him there, and he'd like to spend time in America because that gave him the friv- ac- and freedom that he a hankered over because you saw him in the in Europe or in any of the places where he's recognized and he couldn't move. So, you know, there was that that was an element of his. But you know, you meet him at the house and Carino v that adults would be that the kids would be there and land around the pool for half a day, or you know, it was over I relaxed. He never he never lauded it. We have good nice standards in regards to the family and regards to the way ladies life. So she just before we talk about legacy. There's one other thing was he superstitious? Do you remember when he came to Mercedes? And there was the whole thing about changing his race number. He did have it wasn't. He was four in roseburg was three what he wanted numbers of. He was always superstitious about outnumbers chassis numbers had to be outnumbers, and we used to change the chassis place around because it was never the most convenient thing to give him specific chassis. So he the chassis place were were movable for that reason. He knew you doing that. Did he probably didn't matter to him as long as the chassis was cold number three or call number seven. Or whatever it was. So he he had to think about numbers that was that was a thing. I really recall that that was a bit of a thing for. But so then legacy of Michael shoemaker? He's fifty years young. How how would you describe his legs? I think he's he's just completely new standards for more new standards in terms of fitness preparation. The level of commitment that that drive is needed to give you just take a small example is fitness. Hey, just raise the bar. So so much in that respect, and it's an interesting and. Difficult to compare the cows physically now with the physical effort driver kaanai compared to what they used to be. But he would finish it race. And he wouldn't be sweating, and he would be leaving around the rostrum, and you look at the other drivers in the restroom, and they'd be fatigued by the lift the trophy, and they kind of looked at sky. This is this is supernatural. And he raised that standard. And it's now normal recall, the young guys took any driving from one that levels of fitness impressive. And he was to my mind. Probably the first one we would retain those levels of fitness Mosa Mosa than Senate. Yeah. Yeah. I think I haven't was a huge was very special drive. But yeah, I saw him fatigue that I never saw Michael tied count remember occasion..

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