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New problem in downtown Dallas westbound Woodall Rodgers at I thirty five you've got a crash in the right lane. That's fine. Traffic from Pearl until it's tough getting out of town down Dallas on Woodall. Rodgers and that's not helping. Let's check in now north Dallas and Randy fuller with the latest details on that wreck on six thirty five. Eastbound six thirty five Montfort, there's an accident two right lanes are blocked up. I have a solid backup to about thirty five. And as an alternate. You can try forest lane to get around and pass the problem. Southbound six thirty five town east. There's a wreck blocking the left lane. Traffic is slow to thirty. Thanks to Beverly for that information grand prairie westbound twenty George Bush. There's a stall right center lane is blocking things up. It's pretty slow from beltline in Collin county. Southbound seventy five at park boulevard, there's a stalled vehicle the right center lane. Thanks to Donna calling us on the dark traffic tip hotline giving us that update that has traffic back past Parker road. Second now, Julian Rogers, he's the expert in Tarrant county's got die in north Richland hills. Yeah. There was a problem. Eight twenty west on the service road and since everything affects everything else out there. It's going to slow things on the main freeway. It's eight twenty west around didn't highway slow from one eighty three on those main lanes. Text breast lames lane seem to be rolling along just fine. So that might be a way to go to a couple of minutes. And then we've got east loop still jammed up from thirty to the sites of some guardrail repair at trinity and that'll be blocking the left lane. We did clear out on the problem. Eight twenty north at the lake worth bridge. And it's gonna take some time trying to unwind because we did back all the way through white settlement over to about West Point boulevard, heading garland towards Rockwall. And eastbound I thirty traffic starts a slow down right around the Bush turnpike continues on past DAL rock you make your way in the middle of the lake Ray Hubbard bridge, northbound the tollway you're slowing usual spot from Royal up to around Keller springs with you break free from that you got smooth sailing up to Sam Ray. Burn tollway in Collin county, northbound seventy five no issues yet from the Bush turnpike up to one Twenty-one. I'm Chris Babbler. Your next report at four fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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