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But I also like, holy Helena. I've been sort of waiting to see you know, kind of that breakthrough race. She's obviously, a classy filly, and she's pointing greatest stakes company. But I just always felt like there was a little something more. And that if we ever thought, she might be, you know, head and shoulders above the rest. She gets a little worked up sometimes. So I'm kind of going to look at her in the paddock due to see what our composure is. But I do like her quite a bit. And of course, Jimmy jerkins four Frank Stronach. And you gotta expect the the Jimmy and Jose Corrales are doing everything in their power to make sure that the the horses wearing those Dina jackets will will run. Well, Frank Franks, usually good for a trip to the winter circle on these kinds of days, whether it's Pimlico or at Santa needed that he has an uncanny knack of getting down to the winner circle. You know, we should mention John service has taken over tricky escape and. Jyrki escape a very nice race mare. Lynn Ashby that a wonderful job with this daughter of hat trick. And John services had her for now for a couple of months, and a makes us to see the reports on her Mike Welsh will join us later, and we'll be looking forward as well to the. Report. On the clock information. So tricky escape always I always look at her three times in any of these spots. The hurricane birdie seven eighths for the Phillies in mayors, and here is the newly crowned champion, sprinting female shamrock rose..

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