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You actually have to have two forms of proof um for why you're charging them the tax rate that you're charging them and so one of them can be the declared you know just billing address of the customer but when you're using stripe we can actually conveniently pulled the banks origin country on your credit cards that gives us a second proof of where you are and if those two don't match spark will you know have a validation error that your card origin country doesn't match your declared billing country so using stripe makes that really easy and then we can store that annan the invoices table we store that as well because just because they have to uh are just because they were in say denmark at the time of one purchase doesn't mean they didn't move to great britain a year later so we store the country on every invoice i'm so that we know you know we can prove why we charge than the tax that we charge them it's awful people actually have to worry about writing that stuff not only that but you're supposed to store all that for ten years to keep records for ten years and your invoices like i said have to be certain ways like the regulations are on invoices where they have to be sequentially numbered you know the tax has to be listed and then there's a layer on top of it where if you're a business say i'm i'm reading forge in denmark and a business in great britain wants to buy forge you don't have to charge them tax but they have to give you a valid vat identifier number that proves that they are a actual business.

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