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And on the komo app on your smartphone you fbi pushing back against president trump proclaims complete vindication and the russia investigation from that republican memo alleging fbi bias against his administration the fbi telling abc news senior justice correspondent pierre thomas trump and his allies were engaged in an all out assault on the integrity of their institution make no mistake his constant pressure on the justice department is not the north and critics said it creates the impression that he's tried to control the institutions that was supposed to have a level of independence to investigate national security matters without political interference two people dead after an amtrak train hit a passenger train in lexikon county shock carolina early sunday morning dozens were injured some with broken bones others had minor injuries passenger derek parra way says he was sleeping on that train and hit his head amtrak curl is very professional getting its caddick collected chained uh first responded showed up really quick i mean that's been a pretty russell morning but everybody seems to be taking a fairly well as more than one hundred million americans get ready to watch super bowl fifty two thousands of security officers working behind the scenes to keep minneapolis safe skiing time for us and we are ready the fbi's rick thorpe nonsecurity efforts being put in place for the super bowl including thousands of surveillance cameras perched across the city seventeenhundred federal aged said law enforcement officers from sixty police agencies sixty six thousand fans will be screened before entering us bank stadium though dhs secretary christian nielsen points out some we'll be able to do it off site at the mall of america giving has to wait in line freezing cold temperatures were the single digits officials say as of now there are no credible security threats ryan burrow abc news minneapolis here to puget john we look out the window again today and more rain and we even have a flood watch in fact some of the rivers are filling be because a factor snow levels up to seventy five hundred feet it's been a rough winter and you probably need a break while hebron luck colors can superman.

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