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On the car pro. Show Hello Carl Hi thanks for taking my call just had a question I bet a twenty seventeen hundred sonata dot one hundred and twenty thousand miles on it and just don't know how much longer I can expect this thing. To last without having any problems town to consider trading, in, and starting over are you very diligent with. Your? Maintenance Do all the maintenance ourself rotates tires do all all changes is such seventy five hundred miles useful synthetic nice a lot of time. With this car those historically really good Hundred seventy? Five thousand wouldn't surprise me at all especially using synthetic and changing it on a regular basis have you done. Anything to transmission fluid No, not at this point that's the only. Thing I tell you to do is get to transmission fluid changed, not flushed I don't believe in flush it's past about seventy five. Thousand miles it's just too much pressure on the on the seals and gaskets but that's the. Only thing I would tell. You to do transmission fluid. Does get dirty and. Contaminated and it can cause you some, problems if you do that and that's not real expensive. Couple of hundred bucks guests then I'd If that make one. Hundred seventy five miles in. Shock me Okay So I'll hang. On. Yeah I mean the depreciations already all gone in your driving for. Free Why not Especially if you. Like. Car, yeah no it's been a great car. First Sunday I'm actually very surprised about thirty four thirty five miles to the. Gallon alone so Nystrom cartoon I'm big fan of. The Hyundai sonata especially for the money? And. With, the powertrain warranty that you get with it that sounds like you're the? Perfect guy for that kind of. Car did you buy a brand new about okay well how how are you from now when you're coming up on those miles. Let's talk a little bit deeper I would probably recommend that. You buy something used because the depreciation that you take just strictly because of the miles you drive I mean. Is gonna depreciate a. Lot more than. Than normal so freeing let somebody else take that first couple of, years, depreciation, and, you, can.

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