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He wants this shit right. Secondly at no point will the football We're talking about elite level players. Some of them annually should be playing for. The club should get themselves not possession but if these players are too dumb to understand that and it seems some of that man united are then there is no excuse for mayfield and all souls not to have that salted the desert. Excuse if you're planning to ban the bill of one hundred thousand of the new camp around feel or even old trafford when phil house and the atmospheres hall and sometimes and we know his players. You can't hear everything. Note the grounds handful of people. It's not difficult to get that message on quickly because you say oh they never have this because you could whisper. These can hear you so if the players are not clever enough to be softer then. What the hell of the coaching staff doing. What they're looking up does no excuse to get onto these players with no crowd that they're not breaking off smart enough and have the will intellect and the first half of a champions league game which by the way the grips. No wait open to get a good possession so borrows don't effect players and pure coach. Those packing social. How concerned would you be shocked. I mentioned robbo in that opening first. Half dan ball world-class and no one's doing anything about it. Yeah the homes. Didn't read it well enough to know harry with. He's on the other side but he played off to zombie and to be. There was one incident where the goal was just about to kick the ball. You can see them. Ballpoint exactly where he won't to move in these heads saying stick it in behind tunes he's looking at it and the voice still got played over the top and he got there then. The ball is strikes thirty five. He struggles around. So it's a real problem but they weren't just the problems that mentioned not that. That's the defensive side. The attacking side was wrong as well. When you look the one thing you do as a coach when you go into any clobber you or you're working on the team shape. How are we going to get the bull from back to from. What's gang plan if the opposition squeeze up stick it in behind if they compact. We're gonna have the i'm going behind. I'm not sure that marcus ashworth mousy made one running behind when somebody i'm on the bowl. They wanted to come short not just received with what we that back to play. They wanna come short backings in midfield. Now who's telling them no. That's not the right thing to do. We've got to turn the opposition round to stub. Then we're going to get rooms apply. Now we can get bruno fernandez in the game. Then we can get matter in the game but to start with. We're going to turn the opposition. Round and marcus rush unless the game is open those runs. Marshall missed the game. He's opened that blind kanter's tacking. He doesn't like those runs a nice lack of game knowledge and lack of understanding from the coach to get them to do it. Where was the response in the second half check. I don't know that was the most confusing thing. And i think that speaks exactly would rebel is talking about in terms of lack of preparation. A lack of any any offensive game plan given how the half ended with moscow scoring. And you feel team talks. Halftime team talks to come. There would have been a lot of finger pointing a lot a lot of blame around the two goals. But all the sudden you're back in the game and now momentum is is is in your fever you've dominated possession for forty five so surely no. It's an opportunity for you to push up. Not only that you call only likes of greenwood of cavani pogba coming off the bench. No he's sitting bit deeper you. Have you have all causing the city in terms of talent between the two and yet still in the second forty five. The only real scare. That is tom had came in one thousand. Nine hundred minute goal line clearance of what would have been an all. That's all manchester united. How to speak about in terms of any kind of offensive threat and again that for me. And i'm i'm doing to be taken only gonna social here but when you have that kind of starting eleven where you have that kind of firepower coming off the badge out. Your only goal comes from an istanbul header. Then that's really on your part it goes down. It goes by what about sorry. Rob opened knocking nail in the head for for with the hammer for weeks and weeks. Maybe months know that when united sites that set deep and are weaker on paper. This is what we get generally no time. But generally when ness united site play seti in the last twelve months or so when they play the psg of this world and all those who come on them who dominate them who have better players the planners has been all along to say embiid defensive and on the council with pace. But we don't we don't play these teams. You know twice a week quite often. We played teams are weaker and more defensive and there is no plan. There is no plan even when you look at us now. With a new coach you know it'll drop us a midfielder into the back four and you push push back into way possession. You're the winger and narrowed the trying different things. He's trying different things. He's a new coach source causing a new coach. People need to remember. He's been management over ten years a decade right. He's not new. Not new to this game you know. He was in norway site back. Came in as interim coach. Not new to this game was no plan for united unless the plane the teams which even against rb leipzig a better team and they were played and then on the counts. Retired capitulated does the plan as the united when they play puna teams no space and behind. Generally they've struggled a nasa problem. You just have to look at the shape of the midfield as well. I'm not quite sure what he wants. It bruno fernandez and matter to do he's message and don't even the bike don't event. Is these best what he's planning for the forward and making runs into the box. East brand is a holding midfield and comfortable after the first ten fifteen minutes you got one master plan out on the right hand side not particularly happy. Because he's never gonna go past. Anybody is going to come in on these left and bruno fernandez was planted alongside him at time. So i'm not sure. What the shape of the midfield was. And if you have no when you've got the ball you have very little shake when you lose it because you're out of shape and that's when the opposition can counterattack and that's what happens today. Don maria games into the season come the end of the weekend primarily and domestic. What would that be four five league games. Whatever as he walks out of goodison on.

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