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Australia New Zealand and Canada, not the only countries to have been built on land. That was taken from people who will already living on it. But a straight New Zealand and Canada may be the three countries which have spent the most time and energy trying to figure out what that fact of their history means and what manner of symbolic or legal or financial risk situation might be appropriate. All three countries are fond of the idea that the origin stories are tales of roic exploration and pioneering resilience, which led to the establishment of great nations, and that's not entirely wrong. But the fact remains that straight leeann New Zealand and Canada, all among the world's richest nations and in all three the indigenous population is among each country's poorest people in the second episode of series looking at how countries live with the list glorious aspects of their pasts we hear from indigenous voices from St. New Zealand and Canada about what reconciliation means inferior. And how it can work in practice. This is the foreign desk. It is the heavy lifting of looking back on our past understanding where we've come from as a country what indigenous peoples have had to give up and were forced to give up to get there. But then also thinking about what are the things that we can do to create a different path forward. And are we willing to be uncomfortable in that path for a number of successes have been largely to the fake that we as a people have fought with footfalls, the rebuttals -ation of language fought for the ability for children and grandchildren to Lynn language as the primary language of the -cation dice have being big battles insignificant battles hit them, right? In two thousand eight was the first time prime minister apologized are meant the being at the front of power and house, and it was just packed full of papal indigenous non-indigenous young and old and the Martian that ourselves from that apology from his. Fluids from a political leader Mitch the wombs. Hello and welcome to the foreign desk. I'm Andrew moolah. We'll look first at a stray Lia in recent years, at least Australia cannot be accused of altogether. Ignoring indigenous issues as it wants preferred to do the days leading up to the annual ustralia day holiday, a now ritually consumed by a with whether it should be observed as a.

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