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And then cicero was able to catch them redhanded with letters which indicated the the scope of those negotiations it chose him being very proactive awesome knew that people wanted to curry favour with and be on the snyder which was it well i think it's a bit of both mine zysman when yossi seek lately s i mean he's developing is networks but because he's consul he has he has things do offer people bring him information nurse but you've got kid motion key times with a day or two to go he had it and talk talked him the tokyo dimaggio inside the senate and zone yes yes because then he was able to set up this dramatic revealing of the evidence in which the conspirators were brought in with the latter still unsealed so he took the gamble that they would contain what he thought that we thought those actors would contain and then there are opened in the senate and they do and he he can take things forward on that basis so suppresses guenzburg mick some the conspirators on another go on he rounded them them up he he he and he had them executed but he did not give them a trial but nevertheless when he executed them and cleared cleared the decks of conspirators she was lauded in a room wasn't it at the time yes and by again we're dependent on cicero for the accounts but the being escorted back home by the torchlight procession being acclaimed in the senate patter patrick i father of his father land and of course one of the reasons that cicero was so pleased about all of this was that his career had been enticed civilian and rome was a society in which some of the highest rewards tended to be restricted to those who had been militry victorious so is a civilian consul who nonetheless saved the res publica that was tremendously exciting as a basis for further reputation but of course he does will go horribly wrong for him news we can come that in a moment but europe to prepare the free going horribly wrong but at that time moves at the height of his power he and was extraordinary rise arm we mustn't goes over this because he gets will be more and more important being that important denied.

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