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You called maja you call it magic mike an guys got a magic mike this i we're gonna go who going to pass through low have to get gas at that trucks thought i got to rip my pants off i'm sure harass some truckers after iran aware i just want everyone to know that the kill gays lastly reese witherspoon is making a movie about the west burrow baptist church accommodate air quoted the word church yeah it's called above all it's about the life of meghan phelps roper the young woman who was set to inherit the controversial group known for their hateful protests of funerals and other things from her mother shirley phelps roper and her grandfather fred phelps meghan ran away from the kansasbased quote unquote church which is essentially made up of just one family a few years ago after conversations it started with counterprotesters over twitter convinced her that the theology she'd been raised in was not an accurate picture of god's love she and her sister have since been disowned by her family and witherspoon is coproducing the film the movie is going to be directed by mark web who is most famous for homing five hundred a summer and as being written by nick hornby the novelists behind books like highfidelity and about a boy as well as screenplays for movies including an education and wildwood starred witherspoon is going to that's a legit yeah there's cia officer yeah it's going to court.

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