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I assist you today it's a conspiracy I'm sorry I didn't quite catch that you were nuts there are eleven and all kinds of nuts no they Friday what would you like to buy know your snack nuts or fried in oil I'm sorry I don't understand the phrase your snack nuts are fried in oil Fisher other roasted never fried nuts are never fried they have nothing to hide they're just not seven roasted with sea salt that's it now go look for the red top can I am putting Fisher oven roasted never fried nuts on your shopping list mark Mullen on your radio at ninety nine point seven FM for five ninety AM here are mark Melinda at three forty five good afternoon among the stories we're watching for you the Washington post is now reporting that Bernie Sanders has received a briefing indicating Russia is trying to assist his campaign The New York Times said reported earlier this morning there was a briefing last week on February thirteenth at the U. S. capitol the house intelligence committee was briefed by trump administration intelligence officials on Russian meddling in the twenty twenty election and you have to read deep into the story to get the details of what they believe that meddling actually involved in the new York times said it's social media activity by the Russian jets based book adds it cetera us Facebook post pretty much the same thing they did in the twenty sixteen election when they spent a hundred grand on Facebook ads and posts and look at what they got out of that and so it says the same thing is happening and now this new element has emerged this afternoon that Bernie Sanders supposedly is getting this getting the most from the Russians and we'll get more details on that as they emerge here it just it sounds like the same old thing that right M. undermine confidence in the election systems American bottom line it here yeah if if the if the Russians posed fabricated content on social media does that really sway the election one way or the other well here's my thing if you're just going to take an ad on Facebook and run with it and that's how you're going to vote shame on you you should do that the research to see a if that is true find the cannabis that best aligns with you do more research on the make sure that that is the right candidate for you and then both that they're not saying the Russians are coming in and paying you or not can you often going involved instead of you that that's not what they're doing is they're putting ads on Facebook be a better American and do your research yeah now the more serious threat is if they are hacking into the voter registration databases they were probing those in twenty sixteen in some states of the New York times says the trump administration believes Russia may team up with the Iranian hackers and try to penetrate penetrate voter registration databases then that yes we should already have been thinking about how to prevent that we had should have the fire walls whatever ought to prevent that from happening did they get in I would voter databases for the Iowa caucuses they were the ones that made that happen though that was run by the Democratic Party no really I would blame the Russians yeah yeah they did mate it made a spectacle that mark all right five one two eight three six zero five ninety we also have the breaking news of Michael Bloomberg says he will release three former female employees from their non disclosure agreements they are free to contact his office they'll work it out so that those NDAs are no longer in place and they will be free to speak out if they choose Steve is in north Austin Hays Steve welcome to K. L. B. J. good afternoon Hey how are you today find Steve welcome yeah you know the DNC the chairman Tom caress is already got that sixteen per Bloomberg how did he get on a debate stage that's the first question where everybody else is being kicked out it also the one Bloomberg was either he says he's donating all this money to the the NC yeah I don't care what Bernice everybody believes in I this is gonna be like last time when Hillary ran for anyone but Hillary got the nomination it'll be like that Bernie wins but Bloomberg gets the nomination it do you see that being the case of a brokered convention where Bernie Goetz to Milwaukee he does not have the nineteen hundred delegates and then those super delegates on the second round will vote and give it to Bloomberg is that what you're for seeing a Bloomberg got too much money and every time you turn around what you've given ten million dollars he's got it yeah he's got it well it in that that could happen because remember the last question by Chuck Todd was if it broke down to it would you would you want the the one that got the most votes or something else and Bernie Sanders was the only one and they also said we're gonna follow the policy of them yeah Bernie Sanders was only one set yeah the person that got the most votes against it's already done they're going to go to the convention and it's done so you might as well the faces that that we're in for some big stuff because the burning people seem very radical well there's another story that's breaking right now the Bloomberg people are saying we think Bernie boroughs may have vandalized our office in Nashville somebody got in there and really did a lot of damage to the Bloomberg campaign office in Nashville and they're saying L. a lot of the painting and stuff the vandalism matches the kind of slogans in language Bernice team uses so although the NCD group you know the brown shirts like the **** that so what do you expect an easy they're they're not all breakout shepherds they're not all **** or antifa steam some gonna be passionate college students who don't know what they're saying or don't know what they're doing thanks five one two eight three six zero five ninety call us or text is with your thoughts this afternoon give us a quick update on what's just ahead forty six sports talk ed Markey we can see is seventeens game in the NFL some players you're citing the conflict between money and health for that extra game in the NFL is taking another big step to fully embracing legalize sports gambling we're gonna discuss that it also Alabama quarterback tua Tagovailoa he was asked me where he wanted to play his two of the great quarterback what do you want to play your pro football he said I want to play for the Dallas Cowboys well there's a sketchpad and much much more I saw I saw somebody named JJ what he said about are no one thing that he wants money he wants the money and brain cells we also have a story out of Dallas a man who's now living in California says he started getting phone calls on Wednesday about a house he owns in Dallas he bought it in twenty nineteen it was torn down by mistake RJ's demolition showed up and tore down his house in nineteen twenty three craftsman home they got the wrong address C. and they tore his house now stands I I can't even imagine I I think he was in the middle of remodeling so maybe not all his stuff was in there but just think if this is your house and you get a call Hey he wanted you to why did you decide to tear your house here like I'm sorry what and it had sentimental value to they said they're going to make it right I don't know how you make it right how do you how do you mend a broken heart Melinda I guess lots and lots of zeros behind the zeros behind it J. R.'s demolition owner Bobby Linda mood tells news eight in Dallas his company made a mistake I would say so he says the house was not marked with an address it had no power and no gas he said we are deeply sorry this is the worst mistake we have ever made and we will make it right well they got to make it right they're gonna have to pay the man a lot of money he's gonna get a lot of that pain and suffering money that lawyers tell me about and if he did have a big emotional tired of this I'm not sure if that's probably fear or not they're gonna pay for it they're gonna pay for the owner tells news eight in Dallas all of the windows were intact there was plastic covering on the hardwood floors I cannot imagine that they didn't at least pick up the phone and double check that they were at the right place yeah you it's insane that they just rolled up got the bulldozer out and bulldozed my hand I you're going to take down your going to demolish a structure I think I would be double triple quadruple checking that I was at the correct structure and I would just be going he said well the gas was turned off will that must mean they want this there should be a deal where you double and triple check you have someone representing you at that site to say we're gonna demolish it is that correct please sign here this is the correct reply it right is it cracked down here is Jerry weniger he is the owner of the house keep in mind he's out in California and he found out by phone calls the home is very important and that's not there anymore so it yeah it's nothing in other words put a lot of zeros on the end yeah big number on the check they are just go ahead and write all your money to heal me close your business we hope you have a fabulous afternoon in a super weekend sports talk coming up next another.

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