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Seven into one. So it's the end of the road for Ed coach Mike McCarthy did leave Green Bay to a Super Bowl winning twenty ten but at twenty to seventeen loss at home to the cardinals today seem to be Joe Philbin taking over in the interim. We just had our first score in the second quarter in Pittsburgh. It was thirteen seven to end the first two touchdowns for the Steelers won for the chargers. And right now, he's sixteen seven Pittsburgh because of the forty eight yard field goal. Just put through by Chris Boswell? There's two forty to go before the break at Heinz field titans. Take the lead for the first time with thirty six seconds left, overcoming the jets twenty six twenty two Seahawks have won three in a row after dominating the forty Niners. Forty three sixteen patriots never trail in a twenty four ten win over the Vikings in Foxborough and for Bill Belichick. It was all about making Minnesota uncomfortable. We're just trying to keep balance for communication. Into the game with some criminal isn't there down housing situations or at the end of the game? So just trying to make the tough on their offense of line. Sounds like we had some success doing that certainly did milestone for the hoodie it spell checks two hundred fiftieth career win. Meantime chiefs are tending to and back on track with a forty two thirty three way too over the raiders earlier Rams clinched the NFC west with a thirty sixteen w over the lions in Detroit Panthers followed the buccaneers twenty four seven which means the NFC south is the saints now. Texans fours, four Browns turnovers in twenty nine thirteen Winfrey. Pick by Baker Mayfield giant slide by the bears and not thirty to twenty seven the final ravens topped the falcons twenty six sixteen huge day for undrafted rookie Philip Lindsay racking up one hundred fifty seven yards two scores. Helping the Broncos pass the Bengals twenty four ten Jaguars pitcher, shutout blanking, Andrew luck. And the colts six nothing dolphins twenty one and the bills seventeen we know the college football playoff van the number four seed, it is Oklahoma. They will play Alabama in the Orange Bowl Clemson at Notre Dame. Tangling inva- Cotton Bowl NBA, Spurs, smack the trailblazers one thirty one one. Eighteen thirty seven points for Damian Lillard, LeBron and the Lakers destroy the sons one twenty two ninety six Mavericks, the clippers one fourteen one ten I'm Alex Perlman high in eagle.

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