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All right, Steve Sweeney here with this. We and Malone report number that the Jo Malone report. Yeah. Steve Sweeney Malone and our good friend. Johnny sap. We're gonna get in my good friend Christian. How are you Christian? I'm happy Valentine's Day. What did you can that kid from Harvard? He was good. Not as good as me. I think he was a threat to you know, he told me he told me he wasn't a big fan of yours Joe. And I. That's a different. That's a different. This is how we rumors. Yeah. No, you're right. That's fine. These back to school. Right. I told me the movie I did back to Tucker told me when I got back. They can only be one Harvard personnel video. So I said, well Tucker, you gotta go because Joseph. I thank you very much. Thank you. I'm I told you guys, and I'm very serious. I did go to Harvard bartending school. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's Howard button schools. Expensive is Harvard itself. It was two hundred bucks was one of those. You know, they always say midlife crisis early life. Sweney as a bartender. I know he'd be great. There was a guy. He's an Irish guy. But I forgot his name. Tommy, something Kelly. He was like an entertainer bartender. He had his own bars. You remember him on me something Jackie Gleason with the with the bar scene. Frankie frontier. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Bartenders some of them turned into radio host because it's kinda the same. You're asking you've got six different people in my day, right? At least favourite bartenders bartenders that are a little too cool for school. Yeah. Yeah. I agree. Like certain upscale get those in the tech guy. You came over. He said what's up? Yeah. I said what's up? Yeah. Don't you mean? Can I help you or something? Yeah. The fake accent. Yeah. Never good body just their body language. Yeah. You know, it's like, you know, I'm cooler than you are it's not your bartender now. That'd be like in record stores. You always feel like the judging you if you get a mainstream record the kid calling wreckage door number, right? But you know, what I learned a lot back when I was drinking, and we all did when I next comedy stop with bars upstairs downstairs and all of the really hot bartenders the women. That were married. They take off their rings. So the guy thinks he has a shot better for short. Oh, yeah. Ever shot, those ones that she used to say and may being an idiot. I think she meant it should commence. She say, wow, you made my day. And you realized she says that the Willie the wino- everybody. Hey, what's going on the world of sports? You guys what's on the topic of brains today? So I'm looking at. I'm looking at the cover of my beloved, and I want to jump in. Let's not because I want to talk about the Celtics thing you said earlier. The front page of eleven herald. So that all right. Very good. Joe? He's well, he's a co chair. Alright right giant, Johnny you. I'll show you the contract. Others a controversial. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't get when you please. The celtics. We'll school you on the Celtics all of you, not just you let me up bad mouth and Kyrie. Well, let me put it this way. The guided play in the last game he didn't play two games ago because of his knee and didn't play last night. What's wrong with that? And now he's playing in the all star game on Sunday. You tell me either Kyrenia take the greater rest if you need is really bad and don't play in the all-star game on Sunday or you play in last night's game itself is the student. He's gone from Austin, the better, the Celtics Celtics the Celtics won their last two games against good teams. Okay. They beat the Sixers, and they beat the pistons business is good the Sixers, but they're good. And they beat him without Kyrie last night. They didn't even have Rosia the team looks like a different team because Kyrie has the control the ball. He doesn't get ball. So would you say LeBron? Ron's out and then the Lakers win this. You get rid of lem. No, no because they don't win without LeBron. They don't win without. But I'm saying hypothetically, you don't say you're trading your best player just because the team win. They can't win a championship without Kyrie Irving. But I do understand where Joe's going with this. And I'll back it up with some numbers. So since he's been with the Celtics they're sixty nine and thirty eight in games. He's played which is sixty four percent winning percentage. He's missed thirty three games in the last two years at the Celtics in those thirty three games at twenty three in ten seventy percent winning percentage. So they played better without him in terms of those numbers. I get that. So this better without someone for few weeks. But it's it's the long the guy's a great few weeks. It's thirty three games thirty three games. And it was the final twenty games last year. They took that into the playoffs made all the way these conference finals now against the Cavaliers coach create the chemistry. It's not up to the plot. In the NBA. The NBA is ruled by the player Chuck Daly. Talked about this that you may rest in peace that they allow us to coach them. Why do you want him to rest and PC coach dirty players? Well, I need to hear from the somebody who's got an expert opinion. I think that the obviously the ceiling is higher if Kyrie is on the team. But as Joe mentioned, they just don't seem to win or mesh as well. When he's not on the court. I think he is all about himself. I think it's a very selfish player Kerry on Brad Stevens was on ninety eight five the other day saying he's encouraging Kyrie to play Sunday if he can because at least they'll get some I don't know some reps in running up and down the court to me. That's like the the Celtics have a fiancee in Kyrie Irving. They want him to sign a long term, and they don't want to piss them off. Right. They don't wanna make a mad. They don't want to tell them not to play in the all star game. They wanted to do what he wants to do. You know, what I don't understand word fiance. Get in them. The married do not Narragansett. The celtics. Is he gonna marry Stevens saying analogy marriage marrying Celtics metaphor metaphor going to be here next year? Now be here. Celtics would be glad to let them go. You know, watch her up some money. This is a great example of how Boston fans in Boston media, which you're always railing against Jo Malone turn on someone the first year. He was here. We were so excited to have him. Okay. But then what happened was he got hurt last March, and they were still able to get to the Eastern Conference finals game six game seven against Cleveland. The other part of it is before the season started. He's like, I'm I love it here. I hope you accept me to be a player here for you know, what this is. Talking about, you know, asked me again on July first. And then he does know anyone in the thing is with Kyrie carries had issues everywhere. He's gone. Ten games at Duke. He had an injury left. He went to Cleveland the first three years in Cleveland. They were the worst team in basketball. He didn't really want LeBron to show up and see about winning when the best player in the world goes to play with you. Able to spend three years together. He wanted his own T. Isn't that true of a lot of teams like when Kobe was playing with shock? I mean, it's aren't there a lot of egos floating around here. But that okay. Whose team that was was more of a discussion. Right Kobe or shack as compared to LeBron and Kyrie. There's no question who is this. Isn't it funny, though, if they were winning we wouldn't even be having this discussing a decent record that thirty seven and twenty one last year this time they were forty and eighteen so they're not that far behind, but we expected this team to win sixty games and be the number one seed right now they're tied with Philadelphia for the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference if the playoffs started today, they'd be played in Philadelphia in the first round that have homecourt advantage because they remember he secured the tiebreaker you remember the Walker Pierce days, and they weren't winning. They weren't very good. Other conference sells one team isn't winning. We go after them. Well, that's the way it works. I think it's one thing if a team is just not talented in. There are better teams. Okay. But this guy he's a cancer on the team. He's an absolute cancer. The team Marcus Morris saying we're not having fun around here in. You know, what's implied is he's making it not fun around here because he's bad mouth in the the younger players. You know, they're more concerned about this than winning and trying to be leader. And he doesn't he doesn't know how many leaders in the NBA right in football. Generally. It's your quarterback. That's still if you were to say the four of us needed a leader who which one would you would be. Good point. Yeah. Well, we're gonna have for lines heat up. Some let me let me give you some guys that were. This is an interesting. Sort of. Generational, but era kind of thing, remember Scottie Pippen. Yeah. So he, but you know, I think the most selfish thing I ever saw was one time. Michael Michael Jackson, coach Jackson fell as he wouldn't get off the banks. You remember that the game was not designed for Scotty Pippin drying. He wouldn't. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. You remembered coaches cook a really good player. The thing though. Again, you had Michael Jordan, clearly, the number one guy Scottie Pippin, clearly the number two guy. But let's not forget Jordan went away for two years. He took a sabbatical NBA. And the bulls weren't that much worse without Michael Jordan his final year in Chicago. They won fifty seven games in the championship the year. He missed. Wrath fifty five games. So again, but not the champion. The championship. And I believe Michael Jordan is the greatest player in the history of the sport. I do I put Russell to input LeBron at three. But as far as the way, you're judging it because the guy with the most championships Russell was put him number. But you simply can't judge it by that. I mean, Yogi Berra hill. I think it's someone is somewhat said actor what a ten game league. Then exactly there was basically the lake Celtic who made me angry. I was gonna say. Pede me off. But Joe's taught me. Yeah. That's good. That's guide from hot chili peppers flea. A one of them. He's walking around with this Lakers shirt Celtic, socket, Celtics. And all that there's a rivalry there. But wait, and then Spike Lee was teaching over at Harvard. Celtics fans get outta here. So to me as an entertainer, I would never say that you're talking about you're gonna come here and perform like Celtic saga. Here's the thing. I think a lot of people don't understand the history of the Celtics the Celtics for the most progressive franchise, not just in the NBA..

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