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Jumpers short rebound comes down to plumlee that he lost it and then randall pick it up and globally with the fustration foul trying to get it back as of as his first foul and mason plumlee tonight in lonzo ball gets the inbound over to ennis anna's calls out the play he walks in a piece of the left side of the midcourt circle gets a high pick their from kyle kouzmin and as has a crossover move on watch he'll goes through the lane those out of it involves deflected by harrison out of bounds laker basketball nine seconds all the shot clock eighty we go along zeal ball looks it lonzo ball gets it had isaiah thomas falls by everybody layup best tipple go either rebound down to harass the nuggets have the numbers here three on two left side the barton headfake on the three of the defense recovers crosscourt to gary for three that was no good rebound comes down to ball he's quickly on the boom over two coups lay up no good tip by ball it is it's a 3point lead for the la lakers it's their big lead in the night ninety three to ninety devin harris has it top of the key over to mesa blown way hands about behind him to will barton 10 nothing ruining barton in the corner to launch yo launch you'll back on top the barton barton got it out there fall does it inside the arctic wobbly gets it back to barton drives on randle in the corner harris three devon good big bucket there to finally stop the bleeding ninetythree to 93 were all square eighty seconds left in the third julius randle drives on glumly leans in runners though good with the foul on denver in that'll be on base of plumlee in two free throws coming up here four julius randle where he just touched his head and goes doesn't ages bulldozes way down the lane doesn't really have a shot mind figures hill figured out when he gets down there in randall the purpose shoes first ones on the way that was open immortal lavender of it sir they longest feazel forget if one of your nuggets gets a double double tonight tomorrow wendy's you'll be able to buy one fresh daves double burger and get his second one for free that's a great double double available at participating wendy's.

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