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Okay if it's like a first round knockout easily you gotta get regardless of whether it the title i think it's a stinker fight for the title but other options are at one twenty-five but he He was scheduled to fight figgy last title and he wins. No it's a good question. But i mean i think like i think if you think about it for like two seconds. The uc loves cody garbrandt. They love cody garbrandt They like his style of fighting like his personality has a huge following online. huge online. following he's he he look the way he came up. He was a made man after he. Dominick cruz was he was a main man after that right so his name is going to carry that forever. Yeah one win. I've asked me impressive. Jose doesn't think so. I don't know what do you think gets no matter what based on what you're saying. You convince me probably. If it was up to me brandon marina would would not fight anyone for long remained flyweight champ for ever that is not nauseating manhattan. Code has gone for him is brenham. Rain is mentioned in cody. They're like would you want to find an accident. I like the cody fight. So if the champions mentioning you then you're already on the shortlist. If cody wants the body reacts before going back down. That's that's another thing also let's not forget. This fight is in december lot. Things could have him do now in december could get. Hurt cody hurt. There's a pandemic happening in the world. Chas skelly walked all the way to. The octagon. Didn't even fight so until i see car friends. And cody garbrandt inside the octagon. This fight not happening. What about What are you guys. Think about the the longevity of it. Yes we'll this. Will this increase longevity. He's not a big. He's a big benway's that he would walk around and like one forty five forty so if he's only if he's cutting five to ten pounds go to one thirty five and adds ten to fifteen. It's not going to be great allergy. Like morning wayans. Alex absolutely born wins. It's gonna get harder every year. Though i mean the older you get. That's what they say. Yeah you don't historically see fighters go down in weight getting all the. I'll say for four corner spot. Sports us like casey four-corner sports hopped into art. I was driving into the city as tweet. Don't drive in tweet. People come on. This is but that's be apologizing for not the wording so i didn't think people drove in new york city a nightmare anyway. I'm going to go through the comments. If i talk about. Aj going to one fifty five. Someone says the t ak how tough then you don't get a lot of the ultimate fighter questions and maybe or maybe we do but Case questions and casey is unknown hater of the ultimate fighter. So don't talk about. How's the ultimate fighter men. The fights have been excellent The whitesman really good so that so that part of it is if you're one of those who only tunes in for the fights. You're having a great time. Very good vice. Very entertaining fights The show is as as a or. They did nothing to their hiatus. Between twenty seasons twenty nine seasons when eight nothing to change the format nothing. That's fine. I've said this to what you will love the ultimate fighter for what it is again. You're enjoying the fights and you're enjoying the way they handle the prefight hype and looking guys. lives cool. Cool if you're if you thought it was still like ten seasons ago it feels more steel than ever like it feels like a show honestly that came out five years ago six years ago. It's so weird But a lot of exciting names on there like ricky rubio fun Schools vincent murdoch of back in the cage. He had the the brain conditioned so. He's back so this this this stores in their towns i think they pick the right divisions. I don't know if i see anyone as being like. Oh this guy's gonna be a future champion or anything. But i think we know a long time ago that that's really not What the old fighter or the contenders are for. So i would say if if you like tough check it out otherwise if you tuned out a long time ago. There's not a lot of reasons attuned beckon. I'm still shocked that they're still using the neon colored basketball jerseys uniform. Yes that has like those oh again. I'm a tough guy madonna. that's done. i'm a guy. I wanna see something i wanna see some flair. I wanna see some jumpsuits. I wanna see bask-. I want to boys to men jumpsuits. Yeah we need to elevate reality. Tv has gone off the deep end like they need to keep up unharmed. You haven't watched the ultimate fighter I actually watched two episodes. This season the first japanese because i love okeanov sqi. I thought i'd give it a shot and it was just unbearable like you said i mean it's like watching something from nineteen ninety four four three. Mit like unbelievable. Yeah if people don't know. Alex averages are resident reality. Tv show expert on fighting dot com. So she doesn't watch it. Probably not scandalous ligo. Anyway from the jerseys adopted along like adidas tracksuits with the meetings we like the hats and everything local jiang it dope donkey chains rolling indiana about it. I'd actually watch jersey and everything anyway. Zuo one dustin recently set recently talk about maybe retiring for focusing on hot sauce business. After winning the belt habib henry henderson. Who'd also retired in their prime. Do you see the same trend with fighters who are able to secure their future financially to leave early after winning the ball so aka. i think it's different firefighter. Because we see a lot of guys who i'm sure are financially set allah matt brown. He owns a gym. You know he's already retired once. I don't think he's hurting for money. But he continues to fight because he just enjoys fighting doesn't need it. Just you know something he enjoys doing. But then when you see henderson habib. I think he'll be might be a little different. I don't think he retired. Because of mon monetary reasons. He retired because his father passed away and his his mother didn't want him to find more. Henry definitely retired for monetary. reasons Wanted a lot more money than dan. White was willing to pay him so he just retired. So will start with you. Will we see the strength moving forward more. We'll see this trend pop up more moving forward. It's like you said it depends on. Firefighter is going to be an initial sample. Because you'll remember he. He has so much mileage on. He's been fighting since he was like a teenager license. Twenty at the documentary. They did on him like five five. He was like reno or something that fighting like a like a carnival or something. Like that wild yeah. He's he's got so he's he's got a lot more modest than most he's only it's crazy. He's only now starting to make the money that he should have. An athlete of his caliber. Should be making mazda same. It's the same. Yeah same right. So so they have a different perspective on it like a guy who becomes champion. Lesbian cody garbrandt a guy. Like cody garbrandt. Even if you had a successful business. I don't know maybe he does have some things on the on the roaster on the fires were he's probably still gonna stick around a few more years longer because his like again he's cheese. He became champions so young. You know they wanna fight. They want it they want to. They want to do it but he's had all the thrills he's done he's really done at all. He's beaten conor mcgregor twice again. He's one and interim belt if he wins the undisputed belt now grounded and really cement his legacy but legacy does not feed the bulldog and it's like he has a family. I don't know if we ever. I'll kind of go in a different paths deduction i don't know if we ever again see the the answers still a chore saint-pierre to meet your johnson eight nine ten eleven straight title fight You're getting ahead. Oh here we go. Also do you see anderson. Gsp john jones dmitri's like shriek from any fighter in the future. so pro. answer that we're gonna see more more fighters retire early for financial reasons. Yes but i don't think it's purely financial either a lot of the i mean we're getting so much. More science and data back about like cd affects sparring and things like that and what. We saw with like the spencer fisher piece from our own. Stephen rocco like this is entering. People's hasn't so make my an interview with one of the younger guys new guy and he was very aware of the damage he took the fight and he's like it was more damaged..

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