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It reminds me of when I was quitting my wife and trying to get her to agree to marry me. And I just wouldn't let her leave until she committed, and I just kept talking and talking and bring it up sixty six gene and everything that could. And so finally thirty nine years ago, she agreed to marry me so one, but we can't let the Republicans win today. Trying to sweet talk us and trying to sweep took the American people. The issue is not about six feet. Don't get it twisted. The issue is about whether or not the Republicans on this panel. We'd be consistent with the vote that they took. On the floor of the house on much fourteenth. And they voted unanimously in real form of bipartisan unity. We all voted four hundred and twenty two zero for a full release of the full willow report what happened to change their minds about it. Because now they're trying to sweep Tokyo's into net. Getting the report what changed I believe what happened was on April twenty second. My colleague from Georgia was able to go and view the of unredacted report he went by himself. And he agreed that he wouldn't say anything to anybody about it. But now, we have the Republicans in lockstep all of them agreeing to obstruct our ability to get the report they have rescinded this ah put of much foot teeth in one go why is it because the gentleman stand is it because they have seen the full report. And now they don't want us to see the report because they afraid that it implicates the president. What is the reason why they have changed their minds from much foot team to today? And with that I will yield to the to the gentlemen from Colorado. I would like to have answer to that question. It's more than. Rhetorical one. And we'll give the gentlemen, I appreciate the jump from Georgia yielding, I will just be not to belabor the point with respect to six e. But I do think this is an important clarification the amendment that we adopted from Mr. gates states simply no provision in this resolution report. She'll be construed director for the attorney general to violate federal law rules, including not limited to rule six of the federal rule of criminal procedure. The attorney general variety of ways in which he could have complied with the subpoena and complied with rule six one of the ways as has been discussed during this hearing was to simply tell this committee that he believes that he could not produce the injury materials. But that he would join us in a request it a court of law to ultimately produce those materials, I will also say the members of the intelligence committee. Make a compelling case. If there is another exception on rule sixty that very well could apply if you look to footnote three in their letter to the attorney general where they state to the extent any such information that leads to grand jury. Menendez rule sixty. The of the federal criminal procedure. Pose no bar to this goes are such materials to this committee, under the exception set forth in we'll sixty sub paragraph. Three paragraph d which I knew to congress, but many of you were here when the amendments to rule six e were made in two thousand one this relates specifically to information involving foreign intelligence counterintelligence grand jury matters involving the grape hostile acts of a foreign power and so forth. So the point being that there a variety of different ways in which the rule can be complied with the subpoena could be complied with in this case, the attorney general clearly after much much negotiation by the chairman of this committee who showed great patience throughout this entire process chose not to do. So with that. I yield back to the gentleman from Georgia Democrat, Joe Nagas House Judiciary committee live yield to to the gentleman from New York. Thanks gentlemen, from yielding I fully agree with the gentleman from Colorado, obviously..

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