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I mean, he was a stub, but so Ted Williams Yogi Berra Joe DiMaggio. Hang Greenburg all these guys, and I learned this Lindsey barrel. One of our foam or co workers Yogi Berra's granddaughter. She went to university of North Carolina Chapel Hill and told me that her grandfather and Ted Wednesdays. We're actually state. In there because the campus was kinda commandeered as a training facility for a lot of places North Carolina's. Obviously just were sitting was just covered up in it. And it wasn't you know, the the the men went and fault overseas or whatnot. And another interesting part about World War Two is the ladies in a lot of cases assumed the professions that their husbands hailed like one of my family members. They went over and fall and. His wife became the Lance snack crackers delivery person because that was his job. She assumed his profession. My grandmother, Frankie Massey. Frankie Henderson at the time before my grandparents were married. She went and worked at Goodyear Tire plant because they're going through tires like crazy on all these vehicles. We'll tell the everybody cycle. It's how we ended up with the with the all American professional girls baseball league. That's you know, the the the we haven't even mentioned more. Yeah. Well, now, you talk about an amazing NASCAR team owner who's in the NASCAR hall of fame who owned cars for Ricky Rudd, Dale Earnhardt and all of these famous NASCAR drivers. But more was at Normandy y'all that that that door went down on that boat and bud more at nineteen years old ran onto the beach. He's nineteen years old and captured an entire platoon of Germans him in a Jeep a. Jeep driver. Just the two of them. What I mean? It's so Radi. Ren TV rated you were talking about working sports century. Yes. Always remember the sportscenter about Moberg who was great book to catcher was a spy, and he was a major league catcher that was over in Japan barnstorming, but there was a sports century. And you're talking about an former coworker of ours is CBS Now, Dan Weinberg talks about interviewing these guys Haydn inhales in a field in France for like a week and a half, while the Germans were sleeping leaning up against a hay bales. Those you interview these guys do you think I'm not a man? That's a man. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, all stoical moments that the guys and everything they've done. You're like man, what am I doing my life? They've already done all this. It's it's it's pretty fascinating. No. It's you leave. There you leave their thinking man, I done nothing. This dude was hide inside of a hay bale for two weeks with. Nazi sleeping on right here. Again, try not to breathe hard having just wrote about it yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. Great detail in gruesome detail. My grandfather shared with me. It's just you know, I didn't necessarily mean to veer off on this tangent this morning, but it's just been really top of mind for me about the blessings that we have to actually get to do this. And I thought about it driving down here this morning, and then old hippie comes on to. And you think about those guys that are still hanging and say it all the time. If you see one of our veterans who's wearing that hat, you go tell them, thank you. You can take that second to do that. I won't do. Now is I want to go back down there to where nanna Lynn was living up until just last Friday. And I want to sit down with those guys. I wanna park them in front of the TV say. Let's watch these days run into underwear. Think about that that word he wrote just thrown out a little bit. And but you know, what though they'd be cool. They just they little football. And they'd be humble. And because that's that's who they are. Right. So we've been talking about American heroes and unaware Olympics and underwear Olympics. Great hair and coming up. We're going to be talking about an entirely different Diane heroes heroes, the hillbilly headlines straight ahead. That's a transition right there. So. ESPN radio and the ESPN app in the SEC network idiots. I'm looking at my phone, and I kind of look up into my left hates Michael, Jordan. And I went, thanks. He ever miss Mardian. Mckee? Check out the podcast on the ESPN app..

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