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Once again, your hosts Randy wetter, Joel Reagan, and Eric g. All right. And speaking of Eric g it's that time of night when we bring him in to talk about the top ten games of the week. You guys spoil me talking about all the best games of the week. And there have been some barn burners in the first couple of weeks of the season. But I don't think anything is gonna top. What's going on? Right now, added Kingfisher were Bethany and Kingfisher all tied up at thirty five right now in the fourth quarter. He's still my heart. And I know that Joel Reagan you're hanging onto everything you can possibly get your hands on and dance studio by Bethany broncho water. And you're very worried about you Bethany Brian right now. And this you don't wanna use the words must win this early in the season. But for Bethany if anything can be considered a must win it's this night versus Kingfisher. It's going to be a four week stretch where they play some tough teams. They open district play against Blanchard. They get Tuttle in a few weeks. So if they can get this one tonight steal one in Kingfisher. They can get themselves on a pretty good role another game in progress right now and this one just in the first quarter. At least that's the score. I have in Shiloh Christian out of Arkansas leading bags twenty one to nothing in the first. That's the latest. I have on that. What makes that so interesting is that Shiloh Christian has a habit of playing Oklahoma schools throughout the years for beg doesn't have or begs doesn't have a whole lot of experience going out of stage. And that game is in Arkansas right now, you've got an update on that one. Looks like the Shiloh Christian wins this one twenty eight to twenty one. So so shallow Christian with the win over bags. So begs comes back in that one but still doesn't have enough firepower to win these games. The rest of them are final the number one game of the evening crescent versus cash in these both of these teams in the top five in class a cash routes. The Tigers forty one to six the final in that one Griffin lamb three touchdown passes into of over sixty yards. Hollin hall and metro Christian not much of a match there as metro Christian takes that one thirty seven to fourteen metro Christian dropped from four eighty two way. And they're already making their presence felt down in class to way millwood just continues to roll their undefeated. They stuck it to cash a hall night. Thirty eight seven final score in that one heritage hall over Davis thirty six to seven heritage hall last week goes out to Clinton after losing their opening game to millwood they go out to Clinton beat Clinton in Clinton, which is very tough to do. And then they be. Davis tonight in a thirty six to seven row. Dell city over bartlesville thirty three to seven we didn't figure that one would be much of a game, and it turned out to be that way, Clinton rebounds. After that lost the heritage hall by beaten lot and MAC or beating lot and MAC thirty one to twelve the final score their Mustang. Finally gets off the Schneider. They lost their first couple of games the year to Edmond Santa Fe and uconn respectively. They be west more twenty one to fourteen and had to in hand the Jags their first loss of the season. So those are your top ten games. And there were some good ones. I do we have any is there any TV coverage of what's going on in Kingfisher tonight between Bethany, and I've been searching, I've been searching, and I have not found anything yet internet something come on. The capability that we have I know too broad. Somebody's got some. If somebody's got that game on. What is it? Periscope periscope. Is that still around? Yes. Yeah. I don't know. I I'm checking on I'm Harris go if you are in Kingfisher, and you're listening to this game periscope the last few minutes of that game with Bethany, and we'll follow you on Twitter that one what is in is it in over time. Is that right? Fourth quarter is what I fourth quarters we have. But it's been that way for a little bit. Yeah. Well, there's another one in class at I need to finish up too. But there's another dandy in class eight going on right now late in the fourth quarter woodland and Langston Hughes. They're tied forty forty a late in the fourth quarter. All right. Let's get back to the two-way scores. Now Hartshorn playing at home beat Henrietta tonight. Fifty two thirteen Toca the WADA's cat Scott walked by Holden. Ville thirty eight to thirteen Hugo losing to Okina sixty two twenty eight Kansas playing at Westville wins. It thirty two. Fourteen. Kelly will shuts out Morris tonight on the road thirty five nothing Ringling in Marietta. Ringling ranked seventh in class a moving up to to a and playing Marietta and Ringling at home wins at fifty two to six Ringling looks like I have another good ballclub they're three and oh now on the other side of mud creek. From my hometown will Rica down in Jefferson County. Holland hall and metro Christian the latest that we have here's a fourth quarter score metro Christian ranked seventh in the state into a and the okay preps poll Holland hall ranked tenth but six in the people and right now metro Christian all over them thirty seven to fourteen metro Christian trying to get to three and pony from class a beats Newkirk tonight. Forty two thirteen Panama playing at Hackett Arkansas wins it thirty two to twenty four gore beach Makola tonight. Thirty five to fourteen gore moving up from class. A pregame Luther this is a fourth quarter shore latest that we have on this pray leading twenty two eight call Paul and Chelsea playing in Chelsea coop. All coming up from class winning this one forty six to twenty rejoice Christian be task golden tonight, sixty one Twenty-eight rejoice question now three and they're ranked fifth in the state of the okay preps poll in class a tied for sixth in the Associated Press poll in class a moving up to eight to play a Haskell winning sixty one twenty eight it was Selena beating after twenty eight twenty after coming up from class a Sperry in Kingfisher with a heck of a ballgame. Sperry ranked eighth in the okay preps poll tenth in AP gets to three and all but boy. All they wanted from Kingston a sixteen fourteen ballgame Spyro beets Heaver tonight, forty four to six Stratford playing at Wayne Wayne a class as school Stratford wins at twenty seven to fourteen crooked oak beats Wellstone thirty four to fourteen at home here in the Oklahoma City area. Walston coming out from class and Wilburton beats savannah down in southeast Oklahoma, savannah coming up from class a Wilburton wins it by the score of forty.

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