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Allow our customers no who they are doing business with so you know you're not doing business with isis with putin the bad guys of the world yeah i remember story from a couple of weeks ago that one of the university's i can't remember with one who is cal state or cal poly one of the illu somewhere out west louisville's stanford new some it was a pretty good school some contractor there is doing great work for them the university gotta call add to the billing department and somebody said well we have an account change well thirteen and a half million dollars later you know just say it can happen to the best of the people out there so i understand the need for for a business such as that schuyler michael here is also going to be at the ems to match up tomorrow and a hope to see you there and we are going to talk about the rising professionals evanston rising professionals tell me about the group schuyler church so edison rising factional care about i had the idea about three years ago and i couldn't ever get anybody to fill listen to me and then jay ryan actually gave me a chance i got all the the big evanston players in the room and he's at here's what we wanna do and since then we've just kind of got this group together and we've thought okay how can we make the the younger professionals the rising professionals a part of the part of the evanston community and have the them talk about their business learn about other people's business maybe get some northwestern professor professors in and talk to talk to us about business and just kind of god knowledge both our network our our business knowledge and our community knowledge are the the members of.

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