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It'll come out on the twenty five yard line. The story of the first half though has been the chargers defense bodily up the raiders when the raiders did threaten they held a to a field goal. So they're getting Melvin Ingram. Has been a force here. So far. But in that secondary, the receivers are not able to shake free. So it is the chargers defense. Remember they forced the raiders the punt from their own end zone on that last series. And you're not gonna win many football games in the NFL giving future hall of fame quarterback half a field won't happen. Derek cars up underneath center. He's Smith is the full back marshawn Lynch play actress Delitzsch car backs down the middle open. Martavis Bryant penalty flag and Martavis fumbles. Fall was fumbled. A recovered by the chargers near midfield. But there's a penalty flag. We're gonna have to sort this out. If it's against the raiders, it'll be charger football. That ball was scooped up. It's against the raiders die. Offense. That's how Martavis Bryant was able to get so open on that play action pass. He was a very physical with his hands, and then very careless with the football. So not only the pedal penalty brought it back negated the game. But more importantly, they turned it over. So now Philip rivers again with half. Field. All is that the raiders forty eight yard line. Three fifty four remaining. Rivers strike lightning-quick. As he demonstrated in last series dropping it off to the face of a bullets. Les? Actually here comes the end arou- with Mike Williams Williams up forty five forty penalty flag and out of bounds. At the thirty yard line. That will be an illegal block in the back. Tyrel Williams receiver on that play was trying to seal the in. There are two Williams tyrel. Offense number sixteen. He's guilty. Still Mike Williams the psoriatic Clemson he was.

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